ReBranding for a better reach

Why read this?

Still wondering if rebranding is the key to better reach. Here is a example of rebranding for a client we did to increase their reach.


Brand / Corporate Identity is definitely a asset that a company needs to stick on to, but when this asset adds no additional value to the company or begins to die, it is better to act and act in the right direction. Which could be ReBranding and launching with a much younger, fresher and portray a image that is filled with lot more energy.

Svamitva Infra Pvt Ltd, earlier known as Nakoda Group decided to take a bold step by rebranding their identity. The name Svamitva was decided upon, which is a term in Sanskrit meaning ‘Ownership’. This name had a greater connect with the industry the company belonged to i.e. Construction.

To design the logo and draft a tagline, Svamitva approached AdamsCreation. Attributes that make the company stand firm were creativity, trust and ownership. We’ve worked upon bringing all of it in the logo and here is the process we underwent to derive at an identity that would relate to the name Svamitva and connect with their audience.


The process of designing the logo began with a simple thought in mind, and that is ‘Ownership’. Whenever a person buys a property, there are a lot of things that people look into. Let’s take a look at few of them –

The Space

When a person visits a property, one of the things they would look at is the floor map. A floor map is a basic and a very powerful aid for an individual to visualize the final structure.

The first element we used in the logo was of a Floor map.

Eternal Bond

The second element of the logo is Trust. Trust plays a very important role when a person makes the choice of a builder.

To communicate this emotion, we have portrayed two people interlocking their hands. This connection would depict a strong bond between the customer and the company.


Another point mentioned by Team Svamitva was to incorporate the letter ‘S’ in the logo. Henceforth, the third element of the logo of Svamitva is the letter ‘S’.

The final logo

The logo of Svamitva signifies the elements that build a connection among the brand and its audience. The portrayal of the logo in the form of a floor map conveys the vision of the audience to own a property through Svamitva.
The illustration of two hands joining together to create a strong bond signifies the emotion of trust between the brand and its audience (both external and internal).  The fluent, clear and bold font style of the logo portrays a clear identity of the brand.

The tagline ‘Engineering Trust and Crafting Satisfaction’ talks about three emotions namely – Trust, Creativity and Satisfaction. Engineering Trust – gives out a strong message to the audience that the company just doesn’t build properties, but builds the trust of the people through those properties and crafts satisfaction through better engineering.

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