Need for Corporate Identity

Why read this?

Not many know the impact of the Corporate Identity on their business and some underestimate them.Here’s why you need it for your brand.


Success of your business is dependent on many reasons. One of the crucial ones is Corporate Identity / Brand Identity Desgin – which many people fail to recognise. Corporate Identity influences the reputation of your brand and how people conceive your brand in their life.

Often people compare your brand with others? Well those comparisons are how people think about you. Comparisons can be based on various factors – reviews, pricing, quality, tone of voice, brand ambassador (for bigger companies) etc. If it’s good you’re lucky otherwise you should continue reading.

Here are 10 quick tips that can help in improving you corporate identity

Don’t miss an opportunity

Most companies don’t make use of the opportunity like they should. Here the opportunity refers each and every simple day to day items, for example your office interiors, e-mail signatures, social media and a lot more. You miss the opportunity of the getting identified more often.

Automate, this isn’t 19th Century

There are many things that you’d require to do on daily basis and are often time consuming. Automating such things ensures your work is done quicker and in a professional manner. This gives out a positive message to the onlooker. In the end you also save time and utilise that time for something more effective. If not profitable, at least some personal time.

Good leaders designate

Assign work to your team, make sure it is clear and concise. Let there be not just one point of contact. This portrays a lot better image to the outsider and that matters the most. Instead if you are interacting with a outsider and every now and then if your employees keep disturbing you with concerns, it would have a negative impact.

Is there a copycat around?

If you have successful identity, don’t get over confident. Copycats around might look to make use of your popularity by copying a part of your name, logo or any other element for that matter. Be aware of what’s happening around you and what your competitor is up to. Innovate on regular basis, the world is advancing at a rapid pace and there are people who can do it professionally for you.

AdamsCreation is an Brand Identity and Brand Communication agency that will professionally partner you from brand formation to marketing activities.

Share what’s needed

When your identity is combined along with third party, share all your brand elements and guidelines to avoid people developing something on their own. None would relate an element that has never belonged to you.

One for all and not all for one

As you proceed everything might not be under your control. Your brand will be one but there will be number of variants created without your knowledge, reason being ease of access. Be it change in vendors, presentation templates, designs, fonts etc. To keep things the way they need to be, store all your guidelines at one place that can be accessed by all of your team at ease.

Evaluate Regularly

Implement all the above points and evaluate your progress regularly. Plan wisely. Don’t restrict yourself to just basic activities mentioned above. If you’ve already implemented the above points, then it’s time to rise higher and market your brand to add more value to your corporate identity.

Adhere to your Brand Identity

For those who thought Brand and Corporate Identity is the same, well now you’ll know you are wrong. Your brand identity would be designed based on a specific message. Corporate Identity needs to be in sync with the same and give that message a strong backing.

If you are looking for any services related to brand or corporate identity, do get in touch with us. You can take a look at some of our selected works here and more details just drop in a mail at hello@adamscreation.com.