How to choose a Logo that does the trick for YOU

Why read this?

Getting a logo designed? Here's how you can choose the best logo for your brand/company.


Your logo is the face of your brand and is one of the valuable assets of your company. It is that one element which would represent the company to the world. This is what a logo does, but a well designed logo is the one that reflects the nature of the business and acts as a communicator to the audience. Few features of a well designed logo would be that it is simple, unique, catches attention and talks about the business.

While choosing a logo, there are key aspects that need to be considered by both the owner as well as the agency that is designing the logo. We are listing down few of those key pointers that will have to be taken note of:

For the creation of the logo, an individual can choose a freelance designer, a design firm or an advertising agency. Whomever you choose, take your decision wisely as they would be responsible in designing your visual identity.


Logo Designed by Adams Creation


Firstly, you can decide on a budget for the new logo and its design can vary from anywhere between $100 to $20,000 USD and even more at times. The price is often determined on factors like project requirements, size, age of the company, client list of the designer etc. The cost of logo cannot be determined just on the number of hours spent on it as timeless trademark. For those who wondering if the cost is really worth it, yes it is.

There might be few sites offering logos from their stock and that wouldn’t be of any advantage as those aren’t the designs customised specially for your business.

Briefing your designer

As soon as you have chosen a suitable designer to move ahead with the designing of the logo, the next important step will be to briefly explain the business, if it’s an agency like Adams Creation you are working with, then the client servicing team would understand the business better by having you fill the Know your customer form popularly known as KYC Form. In here they would have a customised questionnaire that will make the designer understand the expectations of the logo. Few questions may read like:

What does the business do?
What’s the target group, competition?
What makes your business different?

And few more similar questions.

You will have to be true to the designer and let them know exactly what you intend on.

Choosing a logo concept

The designer after thoroughly understanding the need, business and doing the required research, designer will get back with a design and will explain the concept behind the same. Then the decision would upon the owner then to validate it, if the design represents the product or business, conveys the message of the business and stands up to most of the expectations.


One of the logos conceptualized  by Adams Creation


Based on the answers received, you can provide the feedback to the designer and they’ll get back on it accordingly. ‘Just saying I don’t like the design’ wouldn’t help the purpose. The feedback will have to well be communicated be it positive or negative.

Give directions but don’t start designing yourself, you have hired one for a purpose let the professional do their job.

Final Logo

Having some changes, you would finally arrive at your desired logo.

Accepting Deliverables

After releasing the payment to the designer, the will be a list of deliverables that you would receive from the designer. Few of those include the vector files of the logo, the Brand Manual (this is the guidelines book as it gives an insight to all the ways the logo can be used on various platforms and that must be strictly followed at all times). Web files in the format of PNG, JPG or GIF.


When you are completely satisfied with the logo received, the process comes to an end. If you as well are looking to get a logo designed, then you must definitely check out Adams Creation as they have been in this field for a long time and have a long list of satisfied clients.

After all it is the first step face  of your company and you would want it to be the best that it can ever have.