Corporate Identity: How important is it for you?

Why read this?


One of the foremost things that worry every businessman is how to find Customers. Your customers won’t find you or you won’t meet your customers, just because you are running a business. But you do wish it had been that easy, don’t you? One of the most important thing that you have to do in order to find your or let your customers find you is by getting your Corporate Identity right.

Why it matters?

You definitely would accept the fact that there are many other people who are selling the same things or providing the same service as you. Most often there wouldn’t be much difference in quality and if there is, still the customer opts for the one that is economical as well as of a good quality.
So is selling the goods in cheaper price the only option to find customers? Definitely not! In order to let your customers find you, you must have an identity that relates people to you and only you. It is the identity that would remind people about only your company and no one else; in short this is what we call as Corporate Identity, your Corporate Identity.


How it helps?

Having a right Corporate Identity would not only give your business a distinct identity but also help you with your positioning in the market. You would have a set of audience that will be your customer and your identity would target that set of customers effectively.

How do I decide my Corporate Identity?

To choose your corporate identity, firstly you must have a clear understanding of what your business is all about. As you have started the business, you must definitely have a clear idea. Next, decide upon who are your prospective customers. This stage plays a very important role, as you decide upon an identity for yourself. In simpler terms, to impress a kid you would take a clown along with you, whereas to impress a corporate you would take a nicely groomed person in formals. If at all we switch places of the kid and the corporate, you yourself can imagine the results. A clown will not connect to a corporate neither would a formal person to a kid.

So this is how it works, decide upon your perspective customers and based on that build upon a corporate identity for your business. When you target the right people, that’s when the right people would come back to you.

Why is it so important?

Good question. Often people end up window shopping at shopping centers. People want to while away time and this is one of the ways they do it. In this window shopping process of theirs, a person came across a shop that sold handicrafts like many others but it still caught her attention because of the shops completely different corporate identity. Though she didn’t want to buy any handicraft item at that moment, still the shop got registered in her mind and whenever she wants to buy any handicraft stuff, this shop would be the first one she would visit because it has already made a mark on her.


What corporate identity does to your business is it helps people remember your business. You would want people to remember your business, because the next time they want a product or service that you offer, they must be reminded of your business.

This is why it is so important to put some thought while creating a corporate identity for your business. While large corporations spend millions to get their right identity, the smaller companies need not spend a huge amount but definitely require a small investment to get their right corporate identity. After all it is the face of your company and corporate identity is the make-up done to it to make it look attractive. This is the make-up that doesn’t wear off the face easily.

If you are looking to get your right corporate identity for a new business or an existing one then feel free to contact us.