5 Point Guide to a better and more comprehensive Corporate Brand Identity

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Get a detailed guide to building a Corporate Brand Identity that stands out from the rest and receives the highlight that it deserves.


Corporate Brand Identity puts forth the company or the business to its prospective customers, investors and even employees on a larger scale. Brand Identity of any entity is not defined by a visual image alone, it is a collection of many visual elements that together define a complete and successful Corporate Identity. These elements reach out to the desired audience through various platforms, which includes both ATL and BTL.

Corporate Identity Development

Strategising, Developing and Designing of the brand identity is a process that helps in defining and communicating a core message that binds the company. People tend to confuse Corporate Image with Corporate Identity. A quick differentiation of both – Corporate Image develops in people’s mind and can change with time, Corporate Identity on the other hand is established over time and doesn’t change or need any change (provided it is done well).

A Quick 5 Point Guide to develop a better Corporate Brand Identity

  • Begin with the Strategy

This strategy is not how you would be marketing your business, rather it includes the strategisation of what your company would stand for, its offering to the consumers/ clients, a statement that drives the company – commonly termed as Vision, Mission and Values.

Once these sections are clarified and locked upon, one can confidently move ahead to the next step and be ready to answer any question regarding his/her business.

  • Brand Name and Brand Logo

These two factors constitute for the face of the business, the face that everyone gets to see. Once a comprehensible, convincing and functional brand identity (brand name & logo) has been derived. We have the face of the brand ready that we want to launch in front of the viewers.

Your Brand Identity can be attributed as
Minimal or Loud
Traditional or Modern
Functional or Aesthetically Pleasing
Or something even more.
But one statement that the identity must abide by is ‘What your business stands for’.

  • Don’t let your inspiration be your Brand

While developing a Corporate Brand Identity, getting inspired by other’s identity design is fine, but only to an extent where it doesn’t lead to imitations. One fundamental need for brand identity is to be unique and you lose that when an inspiration becomes your design. For an unique corporate identity approach an agency who have got distinguished work backing their words.

  • Never hold back

Your marketing campaigns happen on a timely basis, but your corporate brand identity doesn’t. It is an one time activity that a company invests on. Make sure that investment reaps benefits long after it has been made. Give the process of brand identity development your best and expect nothing less from the one incharge of developing it. Be exclusive with your business plan and set a goal of developing an exclusive corporate brand.

Few extra pennies spent today might save you a major expense later.

  • Brand Application

Once you have a strong brand identity developed, next step would be to apply that idea onto various mediums. Be it stationery, vehicle, interiors, uniforms etc. People tend to mistake the process of brand application to a quick copy paste work and ignore its value. Every small article that bears the identity of the brand can be thoughtfully designed to communicate a message and leave an impact on the onlooker. These win situations lead to a formation add up to a greater recall value and belief in the company.

Next time you design a business card, just think how intelligently can you communicate something more than just contact details to the receiver. Functionality or Aesthetic appeal of designs need to considered based on your business plan, the plan that makes you stand out of the crowd.

In case you too are looking for an agency that can help you develop an exclusive corporate brand identity by adhering to this 5 Points Guide then do get in touch with us.

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