Five Misconceptions on Brand Identity

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You need a strong brand to make your company stand out among others. Here are five misconceptions of brand identity.


One of the best ways for businesses today to stand out from their competition is to create a distinct brand identity to register in the customers’ minds. Be it any line of business, it must definitely focus on building its brand identity.

For decades, companies believe that they can create their brand identity by themselves – Biggest Misconception. Be it a small or large business, it requires its own brand identity to attract the customers. But quite often businesses and companies fall prey to common misconceptions of brand identity prevailing in the market these days.

What is Brand Identity?

Before we discuss the Misconceptions of Brand Identity in the market, let’s quickly understand the meaning of the term Brand Identity. It is basically a mix of various elements such as business logo, business card, envelope, website, folder, brochure, flyer, letterhead and many other marketing materials. In short it is the process of creating a identity for a brand.

5 Misconceptions on Brand Identity

Here are the five most popular misconceptions on Brand Identity

  1. Brands are only for Big Companies – We are in the 21st Century, at this point of time every company needs to create a brand identity for itself, be it big or small ones aiming to be big. Running a business or a company without a brand is like writing without a pen/ pencil. You can still find a way to write, but it would be the most inconvenient way to do it.

    Example of Branding by Adams Creation

  2. Brand is not important for small companies – Brand is a vital part of any company and each one has to work hard on developing a visual identity in the market. Every company wants to make profits and be the best. Hence a small company will have to create an attractive logo and have brilliant marketing plan to reach where they want to. A company can’t become big first and then have a brand identity.
  3. Brand Identity makes the business impersonal – We’d rather say not having a brand identity makes the business impersonal. Branding helps in having a business in more professional manner. It brings the business in front of the market, makes it look organized and clean.
  4. It takes a lot of effort to create a brand identity – To create a brand identity it does take some effort, but if your framework is strong the task gets a lot easier. This framework would include few things such as identifying the differentiating factors, foundation of the brand and positioning as well.

    Store Branding also plays a crucial role in Brand Identity – Yet another Adams’ Creation

  5. Professional Brand Developers are tough to find – Today, there are professional agencies including us that take up the process of developing a brand identity at affordable rates. It is something that the company do it themselves but we should let a critical work such as this to the professionals itself. If you are looking to develop a brand identity for yourself as well, then do take a look at our work.

Corporate Identity is important for every company and to make it a successful one, it is necessary to create a brand identity. It begins from a logo and all the designs further need to be developed keeping the brand message in mind.


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