Will Advertising be redefined this Football season?

Why read this?


30 odd days of football madness begins today and the time when individuals give up their citizenship has come. This would be the time when no Indian would be an Indian anymore. Everyone would either be a Brazilian, Spaniard or say an Argentinean. The nights aren’t going to be at rest as it would be before and the sport we love would have to take the back seat for a while now. Yes, the FIFA World Cup 2014 is here.

It is for the first time that FIFA World Cup has been glorified to such an extent in India and all advertisers would like to make the most of it. Sony Six and Sony Six HD have got the rights to air the tournament in the Indian sub-continent. Though its viewership wouldn’t be the same as of IPL but the number of football crazy fans in India is no less.

Anything that is in the centre of attraction grabs the mind of advertisers as well. After all where all eyes lie is where the Top companies want to see themselves. In short this football season calls for more crazy and innovative advertising, be it on any medium. No one would like to miss a chance such as this one.

To advertise on the official broadcast channel, one would have to shell out almost Rs 2-2.75 lakh for just a 10-second spot according to afaqs.com. But this price would stand as no barrier for advertisers to introduce themselves to the world.
One thing that might confine the brains of the advertisers is that most of the matches would be played after 9 P.M. (IST), and only die-hard football fans would be stuck to their TV sets. Hence convincing them would call for more and more innovative advertising.

For those who would not be able to splurge such a huge amount of money must tickle their brain a bit more and come up with their own idea of selling by also involving a pinch of Football touch. This is where one can expect Advertising to be redefined this season.

In all there is an opportunity in hand, we just need the intelligent ones to grab on to it.