Why kill your Brand Identity with Theme Designs and readily available templates?

Why read this?

By taking template designs for your Brand Identity,you become just an other company. Rather be the different one and here's how you can


Why are you still stuck with the old, very old way of using a template design rather than having a customised website designed? Your brand is different from that of your competitors. Then why use the same design that thousand others are using.

There was time when lack of resources led to use of existing fonts and templates. Today there are Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Creative Directors, who can help you get rid of those commonly used templates and help in building a custom design that suits only you and your brand. That’s what we call as Brand Identity. A design that only relates to your brand is the one that can help register in consumers mind. It is the one that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Templates are perfect resources to use when you want to just be there. But being there is not enough. In today’s world it takes a lot more than being there. Being on the face of consumer is the only way you can be noticed and a custom design can do that. A custom design from a professional can do that even better.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of using ready-made designs to your brand identity.

Pros of using designs that even your competitor next door uses:

The cost is less, because the work is less.

The templates are ready, the font are ready. All you got to do is put everything together, change the color are it’s done. Fast isn’t it.

Cons of using a design that even… (Prefer not saying it again)

Your brand is different from what the designer had in mind while making a template. Why try to squeeze your brand into it?

Let your brand free, talk what it actually denotes and that’s when a brand can make wonders. Brand Identity involves a lot more than just a brand name and logo. It includes the following of legacy that the brand denotes. It’s like a human face. It differentiates from one to another. If everyone had the same face, how would you recognize anyone?

Let your consumers identify you through your identity and not somebody else’s.

How do agencies build a new design every time and make it specific to the product? Well, that includes hours of brain storming, sketching and researching. Great designs aren’t made every time by stroke of luck.

Agencies understand your requirement and design accordingly, but for templates you just make the closest match.

Here is a process that we follow and probably anybody would in the course of building a brand identity:

Understand: We begin by understanding the scope of the business, the audience it would cater to, demographics of target audience and finish our research by summarising to make the understanding better.

Plan: Based on the understanding, further plan of actions are planned to achieve the desired goal.

Execute: The plan doesn’t reach the execution stage until and unless we are completely convinced and so are you. During execution, ideas take shapes.

Deliver: After the execution is completed and you are happy with the outcome, we proceed with the handover of all designs for further usage of the brand.  

What makes the process different with us?

We are Addicted to quality!

We believe in providing you with the best option that is creative and modern rather than randomly making 4 options and asking you to choose one among them, while no of the good enough to make an impact.

Delay, well we don’t use words like that

We understand how important the brand is to you and what can happen with delay in process. We ensure on time delivery so that the brand functions as planned.

If you are one of those, who is still stuck with a template, theme or font and prefer having a custom design, then you are at the right place and you need to do is get in touch with us. Adams Creation, an advertising agency offers complete Brand Identity services which include Brand Identity, Web Design and Development, Online and Social Media Marketing, Advertising, design and a lot more…

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