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Why Agencies Don’t Pitch and why clients don’t need it

Why read this?

When brands or companies reach out to agencies for a pitch. Not many agree and the reason is loud and clear.


A ‘creative’ pitch often boils down to pricing than the idea presented. The pitching process requires a lot of effort that has to be put in by the agency and all the creative efforts go down the lane when the final decision depends on price. This is bad for the whole advertising business and we’re not the only ones saying that. A lot of advertising and creative agencies have the same opinion.

Why is Pitching not the way to go

Choosing an agency based on price is the most terrible decision a company could make. Pitching creates a face off against one another, the agency that doesn’t end up getting the account would have spent a lot of time and money that goes for nothing. At times it has also be observed that no agency will have been selected and the internal team itself develops a plan inspired from all the good things that every agency pitches. Ethical enough?

Let us share one such experience of ours –

A renowned chain of electronic good dealers in Bangalore planned to import from direct manufacturers and sell those electronic items under their own label. The name of was finalised by the client (we respect their privacy, though they didn’t value our services much) and we were called upon to pitch for the Brand Identity.  The complete studio spent more than a to week and arrive at an Identity design which was sure to be liked. Client fell in love with the logo the moment they saw it.

But that wasn’t a happy ending for us. Client wanted the logo, but at a ridiculously low price (read it as any term that means anything lesser than low). We couldn’t agree and after a week long negotiation the talks came to a halt.

To our surprise, couple of months later we see an advertisement of the new brand, with an identity that is similar to what we proposed (they must have tried their real best to recreate but couldn’t). 

Intellectual property theft has troubled agencies across India if not the complete world. Almost every other agency has an instance to share about a client rejecting a pitch and then developing an idea based on the same pitch, of course, without any compensation. By now the title of the article must be justified enough for you.

Great concepts and designs come with planning. Planning involves research on target group, market analysis, competitor study and none of that would be possible for the short amount of time that a pitch gets or the amount an agency will be willing to spend for a pitch which has no guarantee of returns.

So how can one decide?

Choosing a marketing/branding agency or partner is a decision that involves factors much more than cost. Credentials, Creativity, Understanding and Capability, how about giving these factor some weightage in decision-making as well? In a pitch the information that a company share is limited and the ideas that an agency would develop will be based on a narrow and incomplete understanding. Any idea generated of a weak brief wouldn’t justify an agency’s capability.

To make an informed decision the company can explore the agency’s online portfolio. Get in touch with the agency to see more relevant work in your industry.
If you would like to have an agency on board that is creative, knowledgeable then let’s talk about the potential of your company with us.