Well hello there!

Why read this?


Okay so we just don’t get enough of talking and spreading our wings in terms of tattling so we thought that another way to really reach out to you people would be by blogging. Plus we do the craziest things ever which we need to share. I mean, c’mon! We need to donate our share of crazy to the world. And well, blogging is kind of hip too!

So if you’re wondering if we’re just a bunch of afro hair designers clad in rubber slippers and sweaters of last winter then think again. Well you just might be right about the slippers but we do more than just design, we innovate.

We are more than just a mix of intellectually creative minds. We believe in being extraordinary and leaking that into everything we do, like EVERYTHING!

And let me tell you when we tell you that we do “branding” we don’t just mean we create logos. We design your vision and principles. We get it out of your head and put it on the table.

When we have the brands ingredients extracted and on the table, we design the tangible and visual elements: The Brand Identity.

We understand that a brand’s identity is a visual representation of the larger picture. As a result, our work is delivered with the promise of quality. Think of Starbucks. Think of McDonalds. These are brands that people trust. They don’t just buy coffee or burgers. They purchase the entire experience.

Besides being all about design and irrepressible creativity, we also love to socialise, do the looniest things ever and also follow whacky notions. We are all into meeting new people, exploring new challenges and spreading our uber-cool wings.

  • Mats

    Spread the word. And the fever.. all the best 😉

    • Adams Creation

      Thanks bro!