Web Design trends to watch out for in 2015

Why read this?

While the world moves ahead, so should we, and to make sure your website is at par too, we present to you latest trends in web design.


Past years have shown major design swings. When we talk about websites, the technology has advanced and so has web design. These days’, long single page websites have made their way to replace the multi-page websites. Fancy scrolling has caught many viewers attention too.

In the year 2015, web design would focus on improving user experience and engage the visitor on the website longer, to increase the conversion rate, while some might look to get the best out of the available resources and design a completely out of the world website.

Visual treat in the background:

Often people ignore introductory or any other important videos, but now the designers have found the right way to make the viewers view the video. Nowadays websites have incorporated background videos. The below site is one of those sites.

RK site

Website with background video, designed by Adams Creation


Slide no more:

Those old home page sliders are not a trend anymore and slowly companies have started giving it a final goodbye in 2015. For those who don’t understand what exactly a home page slider is, it is similar to a slide-show, where there are a series of images, sometimes along with caption. These are being ignored by people and only way to get them noticed is by bringing really creative element and get away with the cliché rectangular boxes for sliders.

CC site

Better way to make use of slide box


Vector Graphics add to the beauty:

A common viewer might not tell you the difference between an image and a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic). SVGs deliver beautiful visuals for retina display. They load faster and look way better. Next time when your site loads faster and has better visuals when compared to any normal images, the credit goes to SVGs.

Website in a single page, with some added scroll:

The need for single page website arose as there were many users browsing through mobile devices and the number was so huge that it couldn’t be ignored. The result was a one long page that comprised the whole website. While the number of clicks on a single site decreased, the amount of scrolling on the single page did increase. But the purpose was served, and that is what mattered.

Adams site

Single page website of Adams Creation


Flat designs that aren’t flat:

There was a time when excessive use of drop shadows, gradients in the website wasn’t appreciated and the need for flat web design came in. But making a website completely flat meant there would be very less differentiation between features. As a result, this year there would be trend where websites would be flat designs that wouldn’t be flat, and by the previous sentence we mean the designs would subtle patterns, small amount of shadows and gradients limited only to identity features. Now that’s what we call ‘Flat designs that aren’t flat.’

XLNC site

Website with subtle design and parallax effect. Yet another Adams Creation!


Liked some of the features spoken about above and want to incorporate them in your website or want to get a website designed that is at par with latest trends? Then do feel free to contact us for any such website design and development services.

  • Prajeesh Nair