Types of Websites – All in one guide

Why read this?


Not many people would be actually aware of the types of websites. Hence whenever we ask our clients what kind of website you are looking for, the most common answer we get is

What do you mean by what kind of website are we looking for.

Even if you are one of those who looking for a website to be designed, then here is a small guide that will explain you the types of websites and then it’s up to you to decide which website would suit your business the best. There are 5 main types of web designs or structures that is widely used –

1. Static Website – Mostly for small websites

A static website contains Web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in HTML and displays the same content to every visitor on the site. The content of these types of websites cannot be changed unless you are familiar with HTML coding and code editors. Since these sites contain fixed codes, the content of the page has to be manually updated by the webmaster, if any changes have to be made.

Static Websites can still look good by using stylish graphics. The biggest advantage of this style of website is that it is easier, faster and cheaper to design.

These sites basically have 5-6 pages. A Simple but professional website, that would also act as a brochure for your business. These websites typically follow this format – Home, About, Services, Contact Info.


2.  Advanced Static Website – For small/ medium businesses

As the name suggests, it is similar to static website but it enables the user with advanced web design features that make the site more stylish, slick and interesting. One can add more features such as Social media plug-ins, drop-down navigation, flash content, multimedia, news page, image gallery and few more.

Every business can choose the right features according to their business and budget.


3. Dynamic Website– For businesses that require websites with large number of pages

These types of sites make use of server-side programming and databases to store and deliver the content. Dynamic websites allow pages to perform complex functions and display data with interactive content.

Most of the complex websites on the internet are dynamic.


4. Content Management System (CMS) Websites –

For the people who want to have a complete hold on their website in terms of updating content etc look for a CMS site. A static website can be made CMS later. Depending on the future needs, one can simply add new items to any page.

Adding more pages upon the same template is very easy in this kind of website design. The initial work involved in this kind of website is huge hence the cost of designing this kind of website is slightly higher.

Through CMS site a business owner can have as much or as little control over the website as they require.


5. eCommerce Websites – When you want to make money out of your site

eCommerce sites are in huge demand these days. This kind of website is mainly used by businesses that make money by selling goods from an online shop or by offering online services. This kind of site can range from providing a simple PayPal payment gateway or to a self contained shop where the payment can be made using Debit/Credit cards, Net banking etc.

These sites are mostly dynamic as they require a provision to add new items and update prices, description, images and also stock availability.


These are the 5 most commonly found website types on the internet. Now that you would have finally come to a decision in choosing which the right type of website is for you, you can contact us in order to get more information on the same.

Website has become one of the best ways to increase business. You must not lag behind.