Top Tips: 6 Elements Of Any Effective Web Site

Why read this?


Who and What

Just like declaring a thesis in a term paper, a Web site has to scream the basics at all who land there. Don’t leave people guessing: Visitors must recognize immediately that XYZ  is a Mumbai based manufacturer of car parts. This step may not be necessary for the homepage of more prominent brands such as Coca-Cola, but for the rest of us it couldn’t be more critical.

Front-and-Center Contact Info

Give them the information they’re searching for before they move on to find it more easily at a competitor. One easy step: Make sure your company’s contact information (address, phone number, even a link to a Google map) is conspicuous and ubiquitous throughout the site.

A Clear Path

How often do you land on the right Web site but can’t find the right link or the right page? The Navigation of the website should help the user to reach and access information he is looking for with ease.


We have no time to wait for 10 seconds for a page to load. Make sure that your website loading time is at the minimum or else you’ll be losing your customers before you can win them. If you’re going past three seconds, de-gunk your home page, simplify your code or upgrade your servers.

Flash and Effects

Flash does look great but it will slow down the website increasing loading time and also hamper with your SEO efforts. The same also goes for over the top effects that will pull down the website’s quality.


Fresh content drives traffic two ways: It gets the attention of the search engines, and it keeps people coming back for more. Whatever you do, make it easy to update your site’s content as this helps to stay on top of SEO and also market trends.


Courtesy: www.forbes.com