Tips for Improving your Web Design

Why read this?

'How to improve my Web Design' is one question that keeps troubling you? Here are 13 tips to improve your web design.


We bring to you a total of 13 tips that can be handful during your web design process.

13. It all begins with the brand image

If you thought, having a good web design and with an average brand image will get you good business, then you are under a big misconception. Your logo is an important part of your company; hence it is essential to make sure, that the logo is located prominently on the website. Linking the logo to the home page is a practice that is widely and should be followed. Having a high resolution image of the logo on top left corner of each page is the first thumb rule of any web-design.

12. Use of right navigation bar

Primarily navigation options on the home page are displayed in a horizontal bar, on top of the site. This is a practice being followed for a long time now, but with the advent of different styles of websites, there is a scope to alter the navigation or menu. If one intends to experiment with such as essential part of the website, the placement should be such that it is prominent enough to catch visitor’s attention. If the visitor will have to spend some time to find buttons for options like Contact, About or Services, then there is high probability that the visitor might quit the page.

11. Say no to clutter

The average time a visitor spends on website is hardly 10-15 seconds and if the website can catch your attention, then you have definitely won a prospective client. Few designers think that, overloading the landing page (usually the home page) with many good looking elements can serve the purpose. But the fact that, this also makes the site cluttered is ignored. This holds a number of disadvantages, a page being overloaded – takes longer time to load and no one really likes waiting. Too much information for a viewer will distract their attention from one key point, this results in losing the plot. Another tip of making the website less cluttered is by reducing the size of paragraphs. Quick tip – On most websites, a single paragraph is not more than five to six lines.

10. Let your visitor breathe

One of the point talks about not providing too much information at once to the visitor, the reason being – let your visitor breathe. Having enough space between visual elements and content is very essential. This enables the visitor to absorb all the features of the website. Right use of the white space at the place, helps the visitor to focus on essential elements. This also helps in improving user experience.

9. Color, color which color do you choose

Deciding the color palette of a website must be done, keeping in mind the brand or logo colors. Colors play an important role in determining look and feel of the website. The website can be elegant, bright, fun, serious etc. Using colors wisely for small aspects such as headlines, tabs contribute largely to the look and feel of the site.

8. Smile ok please

If the website involves use of product shots or any kind of visual elements, which surely makes a mark for your business, then one must wisely invest on good photographers and good images can help in setting the tone of the website. It is one of the aspects that help in building a strong first impression.

7. Choose fonts that are legible and readable across platforms

Choose fonts based on your target audience, the platforms the audience would preferably use. Some fonts look good on a PC whereas some are good only on a mobile device. Choose a font universal font that looks well and reads well on all platforms. Limit the number of family font you use and try keeping it down to just two.

6. Every page is important

There is a possibility that the visitor might land of the site through external links of various different pages. If the best element of the website is on the landing page, then the visitors coming to the site from other page. They would lose out on the best part of your website and that can hurt the business. Hence, the design on every page should be done in a manner that it provides all the information it was required to convey.

5. Call to action

Call to action is the point of contact for the visitor to you. Having call to action in the upper portion of website helps, this is to be supported with contact details such as number/email id/ address.

4. Responsive is the way

One of the important tips is to have a responsive web design. The biggest advantage is that it automatically adapts to the platform that is being used to view the website. The trend of having sites for different platforms is vague idea and shouldn’t be considered. Responsive design makes for better usability and enhances user experience.

3. Flash? Forget it 

HTML5 is gaining more support today. It is search friendly when compared Flash. Moreover it has the ability to operate on many of the mobile operating system, without having a plug-in, whereas for Flash, this cannot be claimed.

2. Clicking on buttons is no more the style

The ‘submit’ or ‘send’ buttons usually on the contact page, whereas visitors can send in queries is one of those parts that require working on. Submission forms can be made more appealing. One of the suggestions being, when the cursor hovered over the send button, the color can change.

1. Test! Test and Test again!

After having implicated the above guidelines, your web design must be probably ready. But is it ready to go to the next stage? Not yet. The web design needs to be tested and tested again to avoid errors in terms visibility, readability and many other important aspects, because once the site goes live, getting back and making changes is a tedious job and an unwanted one.

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