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 Nowadays endorsing celebrities as brand ambassadors has become a huge trend. The trend that began in the 1980’s in India is still being followed and is yet very successful. It’s just that brands have remained the same, only the people endorsing them have kept on changing. Be it from Amitabh Bachchan to Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan to Akshay Kumar or be it from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Katrina Kaif. 

But what is that makes brand more successful when they bring in their favourite stars to endorse the brand. Most often the viewers think that the star endorsing the brand must also be using it hence they try it out as well. But is this the case even today? We are intelligent enough to understand that if a celebrity is endorsing a bike which is just an average model, there are hardly any chances that the celebrity would use the same vehicle in their day to day travel.

It is not just Celebrities from the field of entertainment that have become the king makers for brands. Even the players from the sport that is considered to be a religion in India – Cricket have made it big. Cricketers have also played a huge part in advertising. Cricketers, when at their peaks have had more endorsements when compared to Bollywood stars. The qualities that advertisers often use by having cricketers are determination, hard work, motivation, inspiration, style etc.

Farokh Engineer was the first Indian cricketer to endorse a brand. He worked as a model for Brylcreem. He was paid 2000 pounds in the year 1962 for this endorsement.

Brlycreem Advertisement
Brlycreem Advertisement


This was the past. Let’s talk about the people who rule the present. They are the real king makers for brands today. There was a time when celebrities were considered to be a big thing even if they endorsed 2-3 brands and today is the time when few celebrities are connected with almost 20 brands.

Big Names of Bollywood in terms of Brand Endorsements –

Amitabh Bachchan

The Shahenshah of Bollywood as one might call him. He came as a lifesaver for Cadbury after the chocolate brand highly lost out on customer base when worms were found in their chocolate. Amitabh has endorsed products across industries that include BPL, Pepsi, Mirinda, ICICI Bank, Parker Pens, Reid & Taylor, Maruti Versa, Cadbury’s, Nerolac, Hajmola, Navratna tail, Emani Boroplus, Eveready, Dabur, Sahara city Home, D’damas, Binnani, Kalyan Jewellers etc.

Shahrukh Khan

After the Shahenshah it is the King Khan of Bollywood. He has been endorsing brands such as Pepsodent, Nokia, Hyundai, Nerolac, Lux, Tag Heuer, Royal Stag, Emami, Frooti, Tata Tea, Sunfeast, Airtel, Compaq, Colgate, Linc Pens, Sprite, Dish TV, Navratna tail, Videocon, Gitanjali Jewellers, VI – JOHN, Fair and Handsome etc. At present he is considered to earn most amount of money through Brand endorsements.

Deepika Padukone

At present, Deepika is associated with 18 brands including Van Heusen, Vogue eyewear, Tissot, Garnier, Lifestyle Melange, Coke, Parachute, Kellogg’s, Nescafe, Lux, Luxor Pilot pens, Orbit, Wrigley’s, HP, Ace Real Estate, Sky I, Axis Bank and Yamaha. Her rise to glory has been exceptional.

Salman Khan

He is no less than a brand in himself. He has endorsed brands such as Yatra.com, Suzuki, Mountain Dew, History Chanel, Thums Up, Wheel detergent, Chlormint, Sangini, Dixcy Scott, BlackBerry Playbook, Tiger biscuits, Splash, Revital, Rotomac Pen, Hero Honda, Red Tape Shoes, Relaxo Hawaii.

Amir Khan

He is one of the most expensive actors for any brand to opt for. He himself is selective whether it is movies or brand endorsements. His endorsements include Samsung Mobiles, Titan Watch, Tata Sky, Coca Cola, Toyota Innova, Godrej, Mahindra, Parle-G.

Akshay Kumar

Another star in Bollywood who has remained in the limelight for a long time. He endorses brands such as Eveready batteries, Red Label, Dollar Club, Micromax Mobile, Sure Men Deo, LG, Manappuram Gold Loan, Honda India, Relaxo Sparx, Levi’s 501, Thums Up, GMR’s IPL Team (Delhi Daredevils), Temco TMT Bar.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Some might say she is losing her charm now but there was a time when she was considered to be the queen of endorsements. Here are the list of brands endorsed by her – Pepsi, Coca Cola, Titan Watch, Longines Watches, L’Oreal, Lakme, Casio, Philips, Palmolive, Lux, Fuji Films, Kalyan Jewellers, Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery, De Beers Diamonds, Prestige, Lodha Group World One.

The list is long and there are many more Bollywood celebrities with many more brand endorsements. But now we shall also take a look at cricketers who have turned out to be King Makers for brands –

Sachin Tendulkar

Master Blaster is no where behind when we take a look at brand endorsements made by him. His will be the longest list you would have read till now. Here’s a quick list Pepsi, Canon, Airtel, Reliance Communications, Britannia, Home Trade, Sunfeast, National Egg Coordination Committee, Boost, Action Shoes, Adidas, Fiat Palio, Reynolds, TVS, ESPN Star Sports, G-Hanz, BPL, Colgate, Philips, MRF, Visa, Aviva, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Castrol, Luminous, Toshiba, BMW, Future Group, Musafir.com.

MS Dhoni

If Sachin has had almost 25 endorsements, captain cool is catching up fast. Here is a look at Dhoni’s endorsements – Pepsi, Reebok, Exide, TVS, Mysore Sandal Soap, Videocon, Reliance Communications, Reliance Energy, Orient PSPO Fan, Bharat Petroleum, Titan Sonata, Brylcreem, NDTV, GE Money, Siyaram, Big Bazaar, Boost, Dainik Bhaskar, Dabur Honey, Aircel, Amrapali, Nova Scottia Premium Shirts.

Virat Kohli

Kohli has brand endorsements with following brands Pepsico, Adidas, TVS, Fast Track, Royal Challenge, Sangam Suitings, Fair and Lovely, Herbalife, Flying Machine, 3C Company, Red Chief Shoes, Boost, Toyota, Celkon Mobiles, Cinthol, Munch, Clear Hair Care.

Please Note: All the brands endorsed by the above celebrities in their lifetime have been taken into consideration.

If you feel we have missed out on few of the brands or think any other celebrities endorsements must have been added in this list then do let us know by your valuable comments.

One of the oldest Lux Print Advertisement in India.
One of the oldest Lux Print Advertisement in India.

Just 10 names and their brand endorsements are mentioned here and the total list of brands easily crosses 100. This is not it, each and every brand deal is signed in crores of rupees, and some deals also extend up to an amount of 10 crores rupees per year.
Such is the money that big brands are ready to spend on big names to endorse them for their product or service. These brands are able to spend such amount of huge money because they are confident that their returns on investment would be even higher, both in terms of goodwill and monetary terms as well, after all it is the King Makers they are investing on.

These are the king makers of today but same might not be the same case 10 years down the lane, there will new stars coming up and new deals will be signed but one thing that will remain constant is brands dependency on celebrities to promote their products and services.

It’s not that celebrities can only endorse a brand and make it successful. There are few intelligent advertisers who without any celebrity endorsements also catch the attention of the viewer and pursue them in buying their product.

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Another Lux Advertisement with an celebrity of those times endorsing it.
Another Lux Advertisement with an celebrity of those times endorsing it.