Right Key to open the Search Engine Optimization door

Why read this?


Search Engine Optimization or better called as SEO is that door, which leads you directly to the front gates of the search engines. How to open that door? Is something the article is going to tell you about. If you want your site to be listed on top in the search results, then you must take time to understand how SEO works and how it will help your website. There are not many businesses where you could have a monopoly, today the competition is getting higher and in this digital age it is very important to make the presence felt widely.

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Firstly, you must understand the common structure that Google and other search engines follow, if you fail to understand how this process works, then whatever you do further will be of no use. You must first list down the keywords for which you’d want to found for. Put yourself in the place of your customer and think of keywords you might use to find that particular product or service. After listing down those words, do a small research to find out if people feel the same as you do and finalize those keywords which make it to your final list.

With the keywords being ready now, your next step would be to place keywords throughout your pages. Most importantly make sure you have placed the keywords rightly in the title tags, H1 and H2 Header tags. The copy needs to be relevant and must be worth reading to your readers. Using keywords rightly would determine your success of being found search engines. Make right use of keywords mainly in the title and headline and preferably in the first and last paragraph. Though it doesn’t mean that, you can ignore the rest of the text. Doing so will only give negative marks, which will in turn have an effect on your ranking.

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Use your URL’s wisely, include keywords and phrases in them. But overuse of phrases can hurt as well. For example if you are looking for logo designers and below were the two links you had to choose from, which would you opt for:
www.domain.com/logo-designing-we-make-logos-of-all-types-colors-shapes-and-sizes-so-choose-us-to-make-a-logo-for-you   or

The URL’s you use must be structured and logical. Try searching for random things on Google and see how the top sites have made effective use of their URL’s.


Your content needs to be relevant to help you in gaining better search engine ranks. You can raise your rank in the long term when the search engine begins to notice that the content being offered on your site is valuable to your visitors. On the other hand if your site has higher bounce rate, you will lose high on your rank. Bounce Rate is when the visitor of your page quickly exits the page, the reason being the content you offer is irrelevant to him/her.

Google’s getting smarter
Yes, Google is spending huge amounts to make their algorithms smarter and you can’t trick their system by adding keywords randomly all over your site. Design your site for humans and not just for search engines. Another thing which you must look to avoid is repetition of content on your site. If the search engine finds a lot of duplicated content on your site, you are most likely to be categorized as a SPAM, which your site definitely isn’t.

Now that your content is well written and informative, your next step will be to submit your site to search engines. It is like you are knocking the doors of the search engine and telling that, even you exist. Most search engines use spiders to find relevant sites but by submitting manually, you would help in speeding up of the process.

INTERACT – It costs nothing

You must have heard a lot of about ‘backlinks’ but what are they all about. In simple terms, they are like votes for your site. The more votes you have, the higher you are ranked. But the issue with these votes is that, the voting here isn’t like reality shows where you can vote multiple times. It isn’t easy to get thousands of random sites to give you a backlinks. Google has a good system and it considers backlinks only from relevant sites and hence spamming others with your backlinks doesn’t work anymore.

But the good news is that, you can increase the number of backlinks to your blog by having an option for readers to share your content on their blogs and social media. Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter etc are also a great way to share content with others gain votes for your website.


You are yet to create a site of your own or already have a website running, SEO is an equally important tool for both and this post must have given you a understanding of how this easy yet complicated tool works. Remember that, getting ranked first on page includes a great deal of work and also involves time. SEO is not a magic wand that will show immediate results but it is like an investment you make for the time to come (it may take weeks or even months to show results). Start with a plan for fixed time, may be 3 months. Study the results and then plan further. If you are looking for professional help in search engine optimization (SEO) or website development by keeping all SEO tools in mind, feel free to contact us for any such service.