Responsive Design – The present of Web designing

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Many people think of Responsive design as creating a mobile friendly website. While the more informed people term it as one of the most excellent ways to create and code the site in a manner that it is easily accessible from any device.

There are many businesses that have identified the need to have a responsive website and are working towards it. These stats of one research state that only 4% of websites are viewed on Personal Computer (PC) whereas the remaining was viewed using various other devices such as tablets, netbooks, laptops, smart-phones etc. You wouldn’t want your website to be designed only for a PC, whereas people would visit your site using all other devices apart from a PC. In short it will only result in a huge to you.


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There is no reason for why one wouldn’t opt for a responsive website even at this point of time. A responsive website rearranges its elements based on the size of the screen in which it’s being viewed because not all the content we see in a computer are supposed be shown when the same site is viewed on comparatively small devices such as mobiles and tablets. In addition to it, you need to also check how different browsers and other devices determine responsive design in different ways.

There are many important features that you would want to highlight in your website. But you wouldn’t want your viewer to scroll his finger all over the website to search for everything. None would have time for that and neither would you like doing the same even while viewing your own website. Hence with responsive design you can decide which elements are to be highlighted to get viewer’s attention.

Few of the elements that you must decide upon are –

Images – Responsive design scales the images to fit it in the mobile device or any other device for that matter. Images that ask for fine detailing must be avoided here, GIFs are not supported by all Mobile Operating Systems hence using a simple image would be more effective.

Call-to-Action – Creating call-to-action buttons on mobile phones has been very tricky and often irritating for the viewer as well as it often leads to clicking on wrong links and wastes a lot of time. While responsive design offers viewers larger, as well as easy-to-click areas to tap.

Navigation – Things are way different when one views a website on PC compared to a mobile device. Navigating a website on a PC is way easier compared to any other device as there is much space all over the site and one can differentiate between links easily. The screen of a mobile device would be way smaller hence using responsive design one must add only the popular links and avoid the unnecessary ones.

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Having a responsive design on business website has become the need of the hour as it enables you to connect to your customers better. If you would also like to get a business site which has a responsive design then you must meet up with the team of Adams Creation to get accurate solutions and flexible pricing according to your needs. Click here to know more.

After all Responsive Design is the future present of web designing.