People do judge a product by it’s Packaging

Why read this?


Don’t believe so, next time you go into a super market try selecting a product that you have used before. You would find various brands of the same product. Which one would you choose? The one that is nicely packed with good color combination, attractive design or the one that is dully packed and looks very simple?

The choice is simple, if a new brand is kept in front of you; you would only select it if it is attractive enough and catches your attention. At times you buy a product, though you don’t need it, only because the packaging amazed you. It is often seen in kids and manufacturers understand that very well.

There are people who have already understood the advantage of good packaging and have taken steps to make their product look good from the outside as well. Whereas the ones who haven’t done so are still relying on their old customer base, which is also moving away from them as the product they currently use doesn’t amaze them anymore. After all packaging plays a huge role developing brand identity.

How a product is packaged is determined upon what attracts the customers to take a look on the product kept in the store. Many companies also conduct research on color schemes, design and types of packaging that will help in increasing their sales.

A good packaging design will also contain all the necessary information the consumer is looking for, which also effects the decision of buying the product or not. Often if the packaging is not different from that of the competitors then the consumer may also get confused between the two and that can result in loss for one and profit for another. Where as if your packaging makes you stand out of all others then there won’t be any confusion.

Next time when you are designing a package for your product consider the following aspects –

  • Eye catching appearance – The design should be such that one cannot miss seeing the product at any cost.
  • Right aesthetics – There should be a good balance in design, color and shape that makes the overall packaging design look complete.
  • Functionality – The main motive of packaging is to keep the product safe from any damage or letting it get spoilt.
  • Innovative – What makes your packaging look out of the box is what matters. If there is additional feature that one can bring in the packaging, like the handling or shape. It would call for more attraction.
  • Material – The material used in packaging must also be of good quality and in line with the product. There must be a balance in the quality of product and also the packaging material quality. For example one cannot have a thin paper material for a premium product or vice versa.
  • Efficient communication – Packaging must make all the information the consumer is looking for easily readable. If a person spends a lot of time finding all the ingredients in a product, the chances of him/her not buying the product get higher.

More over packaging also adds up to the branding as well. Good packaging creates a higher brand value in the consumers mind whereas bad packaging can be a huge put off. Many companies give huge importance to packaging as it also plays a huge role in marketing.

So next time you think about packaging for your product, keep all these points in mind and if possible, contact professional agencies to design the same for you.
After all people do judge a book by its cover.