Not advertising to save money is like stopping the clock to save time

Why read this?


Are you one of those who believe in not advertising because it is just a waste of money? Are you one of those who prefer investing the money saved from advertising in your business? Or Are you one of those who feel, stopping the clock would actually make you save time? If you are any one of the above, then you are one of those who are WRONG.

In this competitive world, where there is competition in almost every field, every business sees only one way out of this tough competition and that is advertising. In today’s world advertising has become almost a necessity. It is one of the most effective ways for all companies to make their product know to their customer.

The main goal of advertisement is to capture the attention and interest of the customer, further more the sale of the product would really depend on other aspects such as pricing, quality etc. If these things are not competitive enough when compared to others then even advertisement can do no good.

On the other hand if a product has competitive price, good quality etc and doesn’t advertise, still the product wouldn’t see much sales, the reason being the product wasn’t marketed well through advertising.

Hence, one can conclude that in this competitive world, advertising alone cannot make you sell nor without advertising can you sell. But advertising blindly and spending lakhs and crores on advertising without any direction won’t do any good. Today advertising using social media tools is one of the most effective and cheapest forms of advertising. Thus media planning also plays an important role as it involves choosing the right platform to reach the right people.

Advertising can be a waste of money if it isn’t spent wisely. A brand spending crores on celebrity endorsements for TVC would be a waste when their main target audience is on social media. This would not only result in result in reaching out to the wrong target audience but also in wastage of huge amount of money.

Advertising does require some amount of money to be invested but along with the money there needs to be some creative aspect added as well that makes it stand out of all its competitors. Being creative is not that easy. There are hundreds and thousands of advertising agencies that work day and night to come up with that million dollar idea, which would make the brand stand out from all others.

Is your company also waiting for that million dollar idea which would make your brand know to all others? If yes, then you must as well contact the right advertising agency to do that for you. And if you still think it is a waste of money then you are definitely one of those who believe in stopping the clock to save the time. And if you don’t advertise wisely using the right platform it would be more like winking at a girl in dark. Only you know what you are doing and nobody else does.

Act now, act right away.