Logo and Website: Are they friends or foes of your business?

Why read this?


Your logo is a graphic symbol through which you identify your company or organisation. If your logo is good enough, the symbol alone would be enough for people to recognize your business like – Apple, Nike or McDonalds. This was a small explanation as to what a logo is, but to get to the main point – Is your logo helping your business?

How often have you walked into a shop because the shop was attractive enough to walk into? Quite a few times haven’t you. If a shop seems boring not relevant and dull and there is another shop dealing with same items but is inviting and appealing, which one would you walk into? Definitely the second one – at least that’s what most of the people answered when asked the same question.

Same may be the case with your company as well. You wouldn’t even realise how many times your customer would have come to you because they found your logo or website to be appealing when compared to that of your competitors.
Are more people coming to your business because they liked your logo and website or are they going away from you because they didn’t? Try giving a thought as to how people are interpreting your logo.


Your first impression counts –

It hardly takes a split-second for any onlooker to make a perception about you and to make that perception favourable towards you; you need a logo that is nothing less than awesome. If your logo is so, then there’s not much you need to worry upon, but if isn’t then bells must start ringing in your head.

People like looking at shapes first rather than reading. This is where logo comes in handy in making that all important first impression on the onlooker. It does not mean that logo is the only thing that matters but Logo is most often the first step to moving further and if your first step is placed right then the whole journey will be on the right track.

What makes a great logo?

– A great logo is the one that is aesthetically pleasing.
– It is the one that is original, unique and distinctive – Nothing can compete a Customised logo is with all these qualities.
– The one that is easy to remember and has a concept that relates to your company.
– It’s not about just art; it’s about making it smart.

A good logo alone wouldn’t determine the success, as there will be many other aspects that the consumer would take into consideration before deciding to do business with you. But if at the first step if your customer doesn’t even take you into consideration because of the dull image then all that quality service, competitive prices would go for a toss and you wouldn’t want that happening with your business.

Still thinking if your logo is the one that makes it to the good list or bad list then try looking at it by the eyes of your customer and try understanding what the logo means. If it is clearly understood then you are in the good list or else in the bad list.

Who designs a logo?

The job of a professional must be given to a professional and in this case it is a graphic designer who does the designing of a logo. We have a dedicated team of graphic designers who have designed many logos. You can contact our advertising agency for getting a logo designed that makes your first impression count. This isn’t it, further you can read which other important factor is helping your business without you knowing it.

If you are one of those who depend a lot upon the company website to be found by clients – then this makes it an even more important read for you.

The audience of today is more tech-friendly and they believe more in searching on internet than to roam around the street or look into the directories, which used to be the case earlier. An effective website with quality content that makes it to the top of the searches is the best thing a business can ever have. But it is easier said than done. There are other thousands of website similar to that of your business and would also be trying to do the same.

If your website manages to come somewhere on top and you expect to get business, then you are in big misunderstanding that this would get business to you. When an individual opens your website and it is attractive enough and it is supported on all browsers, that’s when you will get more business. Having a website that is informative enough and also attractive on the first look is the one that makes a mark. This is not it; there are many other factors that play a major role in determining the success of your website. For that firstly you must understand what are the types of websites and understand their use – Here is our guide that would help you in understanding the types of websites and if you are also looking to get your website redesigned after understanding the need of it then you must definitely go through our guide – 7 important tips to consider before getting your website redesigned.

Need a website or looking to rebuild it, you can contact our team who specialise in building customised websites according to your need. After all business will come to you when you would be seen to your customers and they find you to be the right person to work with.