Is your Branding fit for India

Why read this?

Many question - "Is it really needed to spend a huge amount for Branding a Product in India?" Know your answer today.


In a market like India, is it really worth investing a greater sum on Branding when compared to countries like US or UK? Well there’s no right answer to that, but we can definitely throw some light on why one needs to invest enough time and money while Branding.

In India? Alright we got it! But whom do you cater to?

When your are branding for the second most populated country in the world (yeah India), you bound to know whom your brand would be catering to. Understanding the demographics of the target group is really important and a crucial first step.

For Example : Many people who belong to middle and lower class are bound to be price sensitive while upper and upper middle class value the brand first for the quality.

Common way of differentiating products for people in India has been something like this –

Branded products are of good quality and last long. Cheaply priced products on the other hand are of low quality and get used very quickly. Which section do you belong to? And where do you want your brand to belong in this highly competitive Indian market?

Let’s help you answer that.

Value for Money

You must have heard this term over and over again. If the price of the product justifies the value it would add to the consumer’s life then there wouldn’t be a question of thinking twice for your Target Group. Pricing strategy of your Brand relies heavily on the value it offers, justify the cost and people will buy it.

On a larger point of view, majority of India is price sensitive and one way to make these price sensitive crowd spend a bit more on your products would be through a planned Branding. Branding drives the thought process of any brand in a consumer’s mind.

If the communication through your branding catches the attention of the viewer, then the first battle is already won. Are you looking to Brand your Product/Service that is specifically for the Indian crowd?

Then you can surely get in touch with us (AdamsCreation) for activities like Corporate Brand Identity and Marketing Communication with a flavor of India that connects with the Indian audience. AdamsCreation is a Branding and Marketing Communications Agency based in Bangalore, India.

One of our highly renowned works involves Rebranding and Marketing Campaign for Kairali TMT in Kerala, India. The rebranding activity along with the full fledged Advertising Campaign that AdamsCreation undertook for them gave the business of Kairali a huge boost in terms of both Brand Presence and Monetary Values (sales wise). Today Kairali TMT is the highest selling steel bars brand in whole of Kerala. 


Magazine Ad for Kairali TMT, Kerala, India


Hoarding Creative for Kairali TMT, Kerala, India

TMT market in Kerala had always been price sensitive and Kairali used sell their product for a comparatively higher price. But the thoughtfully chosen concept of the marketing campaign  emotionally targeted the consumer group and that did the trick for Kairali.

Still thinking if you should rightly be spending on Branding? Kairali TMT is only one such example.
Convinced enough to get you Product/Service Branded the right way? Get in touch with us right away.