How branding can help succeed

Why read this?

Many say branding is important for a company, but nobody really said why it is. Therefore we explain, 'how branding can help succeed.'


Let us begin by understanding what a brand is. Is it just limited to your company logo, packaging and advertising? No, these just occupy a small portion of it. Branding is intangible; it isn’t something like a product that one can hold. Brand comprises of ideas and feelings that you’d want to convey. It is to register in the consumers’ mind and stay there forever.

A brand is essential and isn’t restricted to just product or service branding. In a market where there is a lot of competition, consumers choose a brand over other because of the value it carries and more over the way the value is communicated, it’s all about Brand Promise, that helps win the consumers’ confidence.

Branding is the link to connect the product’s promise to consumer’s desire. It should be easily understood by anyone related to the brand. Branding consists of 5 phases, if followed then you are definitely on the path to achieve a great branding –


While the 4 words above are the base for any branding, what make the brand stand out are its Uniqueness, Relevance and Understanding. Brand story is an art. The art of convincing the consumer through words and making them believe in story that led to the birth of the brand. This helps in connecting with the consumer emotionally.

Making a Brand Strategy

Strategies differ in many ways from industry to industry. But the basics of getting them right is the same and here’s how you can the right brand strategy.

First the message, devising a brand/ corporate strategy begins by deciding the message that needs to be communicated. It’s the distinctive value of the product or service being offered by your brand. After identifying the message the next step would be to build on the brand message and elaborate it for the next phase.

When the brand message is identified and built upon, next step would be to promote it by reaching out to a number of people. Reaching out to the consumers is not always to get business, at times the need for your product/service can arise later on, at that point of time if the consumer is reminded of your brands product or service, the consumer would have more relativity with your brand, as they have already seen and heard about it.

Identifying the USP of your brand is essential, what separates you from your competitors is main selling point. Building on that point and using it aggressively for promotion can definitely help.

Building the Brand Value

Brand Worth is what places the brand at a higher position with the consumer. It’s about influencing the consumers’ perception. This process consists of quality products and services, company’s performance, customer loyalty and satisfaction. To build trust, brand needs a value and promise of quality. First we build it and then make use it.

Brand Positioning

To position the market well in the market, here’s few simple steps that should be taken

Firstly, one needs to develop a list of characteristics the consumer will be looking for in the product category. This can be obtained by small survey.

Next step would be to prioritising those characteristics. After which the team will have to decide on which one of the attributes connect the brand to the customer. Is it an attribute that sets you completely apart? If yes, then that is the point of promotion to position the brand in the market.


Online Branding

Online Branding includes the Brand or Corporate Website and Social media Management. In the digital world, having a strong online presence is essential. It’s a platform for the brand to stay personally connected with the consumers. Today when most of your consumers are present online, it is really necessary to have a strong online impact.

A website with clear and accurate representation of the business would provide information to the visitor that one would be looking for. The future is concentrated towards the digital age and anyone lagging behind with a weak brand presence online would face hurdles later. The website is a part of the brand and should be at par with the existing brand image. Bringing irrelevant or new design elements that are just present online would hurt the branding.

The style needs to be followed all over so that there is the value of brand recall built. If the consumer can recall your brand even by looking at a small design element, then the Mission is accomplished.

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If you are looking for a strong brand identity, as well as a brand presence online, then do write to us with your queries and we would get back with a complete customised solution that can improve your brand image. You can take a look at our work here.