Getting your Brand Identity shaped right

Why read this?

It’s not about the curves or lines of your logo, by shaped we discuss if your business has recall value & is unique in it’s own right.


You recognise great brands quite easily, average brands take some time to sync in and bad ones? You wouldn’t even remember. As a result great brands enjoy a comfortable position in the market with a loyal customer base that is hard to break.

Brand Identity isn’t for identification alone. A Brand is one of the most valuable asset of a business. It’s an asset that affects both marketing and sales. Here’s a quick insight on the must haves in your Corporate or Brand Identity to get it shaped perfectly right :

Vision and Mission Statement

As boring or corporate it might sound, vision and mission still determine the right positioning of the entity. A good vision inspires and aspires the team to work towards that goal. In a line or two, your Vision describes the difference that your business plan wants to bring in the world. Mission on the other hand describes the plan you wish to take to fulfil your vision. Make it simple and comprehensible, so that your reader understands easily 

Brand Personality

In our previous blog we have mentioned that you should treat your brand like a person, a friend. We emphasize on that part yet again. Like you or your friend has a personality, so does your brand. This personality defines the manner your customers accept your brand. Your brand can be serious, comic, cool, pricy, jazzy, classy or even funny.

And yeah, the most important one

The Brand Identity itself

The visual identity of the brand itself is what we discuss here. A brand identity can strongly talk about one of the key features or have a different emotion that syncs in with your brand. Make sure you have the following covered –

– Brand Name

– Brand Logo

– Brand Colors

– Typeface

– Imagery Style

– Brand Guidelines or the Brand Manual
Brand Manual is a document that would list down all the brand guidelines in terms of usage on different ambience, variations, lock-ups and a lot more. This helps the brand lay out all the communications in a manner that they belong to one family, unless one wishes to create a design that is completely different. Following a pattern of style makes it easier for a user to relate that style to the brand.

Each of the element mentioned above holds its own importance. Missing out on any of the ones mentioned above can be a mistake that you might realise in the future course of time. For that instance we suggest you to ‘better be safe than sorry.’ Because together all these elements put up a complete picture which otherwise might be incomplete.

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