Does your Logo speak a thousand words with no sense or one word that makes all sense?

Why read this?


We have heard enough number of times that logo speaks a thousand words. But do those thousand words really matter if they are nothing more than a burden to your company?

Instead why not have a logo that speaks just one word and says all about your company in that one word. There is no other way to define a company’s identity as effectively as a logo. A simple white swoosh would immediately remind you of Nike shoes or a pair of golden arches would remind your mind of burgers by McDonald’s. As a result, these small shapes have now become their brand image.

A well designed logo can give a lasting impression of your company with just a single image. On the other hand a logo just made for the sake of it will erase from the minds of the viewers quicker than a lightening. Logo is foremost thing that a company includes in any form of communication, be it advertisements, letterheads, mailers etc because they are aware that everyone would remember the company by their logo and then by the name.

In today’s competitive market place, small business owners and start-ups need to be at their creative best to stand out from the crowd. Using a professional design or advertising firm to bring their logos to life and use it as a launch pad is the best way to survive and take lead.

Professional designers treat business logo design an art. They bring in a lot of thinking, brainstorming, conceptualizing, and after thoroughly understanding the company a logo is designed, a logo that speaks just one word and says it all.

While having a logo designed, any business owner must be certain as to what s/he wants the logo to be like. Every colour has its own significance and so does the shape. By incorporating different colours and shapes into a logo the team would design a logo that would give out a message exactly as you want it to be.

Instead of bringing in a lot of different meanings and concepts in a logo, one must concentrate on using the right aesthetics; there must be a sense of visual balance so that every element is clearly understood and they do not overwhelm each other.

Right use of white space, text and graphics can work wonders, whereas overuse of the same can cause blunders. Leave the professionals’ job to the professionals. They know the right way to do it. Taking any risks with such elements can in turn be a gain to your competitor.

In the end only thing we could say is design a logo that speaks one word with lot of sense than a logo with thousand words that make no sense.