Creating a Corporate Brand Identity? Make sure to answer these 20 questions first

Why read this?

Getting a Brand Identity? Answering these questions will solve half your problem.


Often when you reach out to a Branding Agency to develop your brand’s’ Corporate Identity, there will be a number of questions that will be thrown at you. Their questions are intended to understand your brand better, but a negative effect of this Q&A session could be that you begin to question your own understanding of the brand if you have no answer to the agency’s query.

To save you from all the doubting, here is a list of 20 questions that you need to have an answer to, before entering the Branding stage.

So shall we begin?

First set of Questions to know more about the business

1. What does your business/product offer?
The answer to this question is not a brief to how the business was established and its complete list of offerings. Rather how would you explain/see your business/product to anyone in 30 seconds would be right answer to the first question.

2. Which problem of the customer will your business/product solve?
If the customer doesn’t understand the need for your product, then it doesn’t get the deserved attention.

3. Identify your 3 competitors in the local and international market. What do you like about their brand identity and what you don’t?

4. What really differentiates your product/business from that of your competitor?

5. What inspired you to get into this business line & choose the particular business name?
Your brand story is what the people want to hear. Storytelling is effective way of selling.

6. List down 5 adjectives that would best describe your company.

Second set of questions list the things you require at the completion of the branding stage

7. What are the other list of requirements apart from the Brand Identity Design?
Branding can involve many other deliverables like stationery, website, product packaging, other collaterals etc.

8. Make a list of all the supporting changes that would be required along with the New Corporate/Brand Identity Design?
A safer option than remembering them one after the other at a later stage.

9. Decision Makers? You can’t have any friends opinion impact your decision about your Branding.
Have a set number of people with whom you could discuss regarding the new identity and make them a part of your decision making process. If it is just you, it still doesn’t matter.

10. Set up a timeline? Work within those timelines.
Having a defined timeline of for every aspect your branding project helps in getting things done on time and moreover avoids unwanted delays.
Firstly, fix a timeline for completing this questionnaire.

This brings us to the end of second set and now for the third, Understanding the customer.

11. How would you describe your ideal customer?

12. Verbally and Graphically what is the message that you would to convey to your customers about your brand?

13. Are there any special preferences or guidelines that you have about the colors and other elements of the brand identity?
Its best not to have one, but if you can justify your preference then it is justified.

14. Incase you are rebranding your company, what is the reason to do so?
This will help you understand the need for rebranding clearly and help you to explain others the reason for doing so.

15. List 5 adjectives and characteristic traits that best describe your ideal customer.

16. Market Research. Do you need it?
Market research is very crucial if someone aims to understand this potential customer better. If it is a plan where you have put in a lot of thought and investment then it’s best to leave no stone unturned.

With this we comes to the last set of question, which is about the identity itself.

17. Why do you want to undertake the branding stage? And why only now?

18. List 3 companies whose brand identity you think are weak (be it from the same or different industry). Explain what made you think so.

19. List 3 companies whose brand identity you really appreciate (be it from the same or different industry). Explain what best you like about those.

20. Finally, write 5 short phrases to describe your brand’s desired look and feel.

Seems like a long list of questions? Well, answer them and you would save a lot of time and effort going forward in your business operations. If you have done your homework and have a proper understanding of what you need, this questionnaire is going to be a piece of cake.

If you too are looking a get a brand identity designed for your new venture or rebrand your existing company and are looking for an Award Winning Branding Agency? You can definitely get in touch with us, but do have the answers to all of these questions!