Corporate Branding : The Ladder to Success

Why read this?

Corporate Branding is an important factor and there are hardly few who would deny that. So here's how you can capitalize on it..


Developing the right Corporate Brand Identity is the first step of – ‘Being so good that people can’t ignore you.’ Be it a MNC, Large or Small Business or a retail store – having a strong brand identity designed is equally important.

Branding includes the name, the visual identity (logo) of your entity. Think of some successful brands, as soon as you think of their name, their visual identity immediately strikes you. The first goal you as a founder or the marketing manager of the company would have is to differentiate your company from the competition, Branding does exactly that. Further comes other visual applications in the form of marketing collaterals.

If you did go ahead without putting in much thought to your brand identity this is the right time to implement 5 elements and setup a distinct identity for yourself in the market.

It’s never too late to build a foundation :

Your logo or the brand identity is the first thing any individual would notice and thus it becomes the foundation of any company’s Branding. If already designed, let’s redesign and not settle for anything less than what aptly defines us (your company).

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Brand’s Characteristics :

Personifying your brand and its values in a unique way to your consumers,customers or clients will be the next in your to do list. Capture the essence of your thoughts, benefits offered, mission in your brand. These denote the qualitative offering of your brand. Elements like right colors, fonts for words and tone of voice will assist you in communicating better.

Know your Target Group :

Your company is for your target group and we are sure you must have done a thorough research before finalising on the offerings of your company. But for those who haven’t, this is one step that needs to be taken very seriously. Understand your TG’s likes, dislikes, factors that affect their opinions etc.

Connect :

Doing business is no less that a relationship between two entities. The longer the relationship is maintained, greater are the chances of growing business. Brands need to build up on the emotions that the people feel connected to. Appealing to those sentiments will help create a stronger connection between the two. For Example : Which is that one brand you or someone you know have been using for years now? Not that there weren’t other alternatives. Try understanding why someone stays with one brand for years. When you know that, you would also understand this point better.

Message successfully delivered?

There are many brands out in the market communicating to their very best. But how many of their messages has been successfully delivered? The communication happens over various mediums like billboards, social media, print, mailers, television, radio etc. But choosing the right medium for your message is the key. To identity the right medium, completing point 3 (Know your Target Group) is necessary.

Communication messages need to be rightly planned. If your talking about solving a problem, it should be so convincing that – when an individual faces that problem, they must first come to you looking for a solution.

Here comes the end of the 5 things that you must immediately do to perfect your Branding and climb the ladder of success. In this season of offers, here’s one additional tip for you –

Be Consistent.

Be consistent in all your brand actions. Let there be relativity between your communications and brand applications on different platforms. This will help establish an image of your brand identity in the minds of the viewers and will help create a strong recall value.

With this we conclude and hope you make sure your corporate brand identity is at par with your goals and thoughts. If you do need assistance in any of the steps, like we said earlier – Adams Creation, a Branding and Marketing Communications Agency is only a click away.

Have a Good Day.