Corporate Branding – Difference between Image and Identity

Why read this?

Terms might sound similar, but both Corporate Identity & Corporate Branding convey two different meanings. Here's decoding both.


To sum up the difference between Corporate Image and Corporate Identity in few words, we can say that Image is a variable while identity is a constant.

But for those who don’t understand variable, constants and all kinds of jazzy terms, here’s explaining the simple differences between the Image and Identity of a Corporate. Also how you can make the best use from both of it.

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding refers to the development of brand name for the corporate entity and then branding it by designing a logo for the organisation. In Depth thinking and activity goes into the designing of corporate brand logo as it would be face of the company for the whole world, and surely one can’t afford to go wrong there.

Branding your product or service is secondary, but building a corporate brand as a whole has a much broader dimension to it.

Corporate Identity – an extension of Branding

Your Corporate Identity clearly defines the way your company is represented to your target market i.e. mainly your clients, customers or your prospective clients and customers.

For example: When we mention companies like Apple, Mercedes or an IBM, you can immediately recall their Brand Logo. If you change it once, it takes time for people to comprehend it. Bigger organisations usually undertake a marketing campaign to mark the launch of the new identity so that the people forget the old identity. Recent example is Airtel and the manner in which they revealed their new corporate identity, we must say that the company was quite successful in erasing their old identity and establishing the new one.

Elements that are a part of Corporate Identity – Brand Logo, Brand Colors, Uniforms, Slogans, PR, Promotional Activities, Materials are few to name.


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Corporate Image and how different it is

While Corporate Identity stays for long, corporate image takes only a short while to change. Corporate Identity doesn’t vary, it remains the same for a long period of time. But when it comes to image, it would vary from person to person.

Corporate Image can vary on terms of how the viewers interpret your company to be about.

Every company has built a specific image in their consumer’s mind. Not all would think the same, but if 70% do, it’s a sure victory. But there’s another problem, the problem is that every person interprets a message differently. So the clearer and simpler you make your image, more efficient will your message be. Often the communication style depends upon the target grout the company caters to.

What Apple as a company might be to one, it might not be the same to another. It is an impression that has been made upon the consumer. All it takes is one good or bad message in the public to change it. Remember Maggi or Cadbury.

So how can one plan out their right corporate image?
Through PR and Marketing activities but even Word of Mouth plays a huge role.

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