Corporate Brand Identity : Stand out in the crowded marketplace

Why read this?

The marketplace out there is crowded until you have a niche market of your own. If you don't here's how you can stand out!


Ever wondered how big brands or corporations were able to establish their Brand image? How much of a role has their brand identity played in promoting their products or services? How much has their strong identity helped them stand out among their competitors? Be it a big brand in the FMCG industry, Automotive or any other, they have made it all possible only by creating a unique and comprehensive identity. And a development of such a Brand Identity was made possible by their respective Branding Agencies. Not to forget, their sensible marketing.

We firmly believe that a strong brand identity is among the most effective weapon in the marketer’s arsenal. Not all brands are timeless, distinct and powerful, but ones that are, can definitely help a business or product stand out. Brand Identity Design is an integral part of any Branding Activity and is associated with the visual aspects of any company.

An identity design or a logo represents an image the company wants to be seen and recognized as. It isn’t just the identity that makes an impact on the viewer, many other brand applications like Stationery, Signage, Vehicle, Uniform, Website, Packaging also play a major role in creating a strong recall value in the minds of the viewer. It is these images that a person remembers and relates more to when compared to just raw data (words and numbers).

A win-win Brand Identity is the one when a consumer can relate and remember your company over your competitors. After-all it’s all about standing out in the crowd.

3 Strategies to keep in mind while developing a Brand Identity through various modes of communication

  • Build an emotional connect : Trigger their emotional chords, make them feel special while using your product or service.
  • Tell a Brand Story : Let your customers know how your company will make their lives easier and less effortfull.
  • Know your customer : Put yourself in their shoes

Who can help create an unique Brand Identity?

There are Branding agencies that specialize in creating good brand identity designs. They undertake the complete process of creating an identity. Finding new and innovative ways of communicating through an image is what keeps agencies like us interested and build brands like no other. Additionally, as experienced Brand Engineers or Designers, strategy development and innovative thought process towards each brand identity sets both of us apart in the competitive market. Moreover agencies bring with them years of experience in the field of branding. You would know better, as only an expert can do work that demands complete professionalism.

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