Company’s greatest asset is its Corporate Identity

Why read this?

Companies often tend to ignore their corporate identity because they aren't aware as to how their identity can be an useful asset.


A company’s corporate identity is built around the vision the company is incorporated with. More than just that, an identity that is thoroughly thought through would invoke a feeling of belongingness and create a bond with the employees.

Corporate Identity often inspires commercials, communications – internal & external, operational activities etc. One good concept and it can be applied at numerous places. When you can get numerous advantages through just one company asset, i.e. the Corporate Identity, then why do people tend to take it up at the end of company incorporation?

In this blog, let us discuss how this greatest asset can be of the best use to the company and yet will never be valued in any of your accounting records.

Beginning with, what can your Corporate Identity stand for

Values of the company – Yes
Nature of the Business – Yes
Its History – Yes
Its Vision – Yes
But if you ask for all of it in one. The answer is a straight No.

Being brief about the communication through the identity is the way to go. Adding too many things in one logo will only end up making it cluttered and confusing. At times, a supporting message can be conveyed through the tagline. But nothing more.

So the first advantage of a Company’s corporate identity is that one of the key messages can be communicated at the first look itself.


Application of the Corporate Identity for Marketing Campaigns have yielded significant success for brands earlier. There is a sense of relativity with the brand when it is connected to the identity rather than introducing a new emotion, which until recent times was never yours. At all times, you can’t be monotonous, requirements will change along with the brief and that is when the need arises to innovate.

It is always easier to convince people of what is yours than showing them what you recently thought of.

Now your company asset also becomes your ambassador, around whom a story can be built. Best part, your identity won’t charge you any fee for it.


When the Corporate Identity stays for years, it registers into the minds of the people. Your target audience would start relating to your color scheme and typography with your brand in a span of some time. For example red and white would immediately remind you of either Airtel or Coca Cola.

At a time when there are thousands of companies, getting a unique and distinctive logo won’t be possible. But if your identity manages to stand out in the related target group, then that’s an added bonus.

There are Professional agencies who take up the work of building a Corporate Identity. Leaving a professional’s job to a professional is the right thing to do. If your company too is looking for a Corporate Identity design then, do get in touch with us. You can view some of our earlier works here. AdamsCreation has been into building Corporate Identities for over 7 years. In this journey, numerous logos have been designed by us.

Keep Note

Important aspects to look out for, when getting a corporate identity designed –

LOGO and WORDMARK – Logo is a graphic symbol, whereas the Wordmark represents the style, the company name is written in. Some companies do not have a logo and just use the wordmark. Example: Fedex

LOGO VARIATIONS – Having a good logo is not enough, ensuring that it is applicable on various platforms is also necessary. Be it any background, light or dark. Adaptability of the logo is also very important.

BRAND COLORS & ADDITIONAL COLOR PALETTE – As we initially spoke, having colors that make you look distinct is necessary. Using the brand colors over a period of time would help register your colors into the consumer’s mind. On the other hand, changing the color palette as per need would confuse them.

CORPORATE TYPEFACE – Similar to colors, even the font type that you use in the communications are also necessary.

These are few of the important elements that are always required, when it comes to Corporate Identity. To get a complete list of offerings from our end with the logo, do get in touch with us. AdamsCreation designs a complete brand manual that would have all the answers that one might be concerned with, after the brand identity/ corporate identity is developed.