Building your Online Brand Identity in 3 Simple steps that get you rolling

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Making space for yourself in the over crowded digital medium can be made possible by being unique. But being unique doesn’t guarantee the space you deserve until the brand’s USP is rightly communicated to the audience. Developing a Brand Identity is the first step towards communication your USP and Marketing them on the right platforms, comes second.

As per the Brand Report by Interbrand – It was reported that Apple, Google, Coca Cola, Microsoft and Toyota are the World’s Top 5 Brands in 2015. They completely deserve to be. Most of the people around the world have heard about these companies and can easily say what each company has to offer. That is the power of clubbing a right brand identity with creative communication, which can’t achieved overnight.

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Building a Brand’s Identity in the online space

A brand identity differentiates you from the rest, then comes the communication to capitalise on the differentiating factor. Promoting a brand through mediums like Print, Radio, Television etc includes a huge investment that can be afforded only by larger corporations. Thanks to the advent of Social Media, Search Engines in our day-to-day life, marketers have found a cost effective medium that reaches out to the desired audience you aim to target. This has proved to be a boon for players like startups and small businesses.

But again, having a good medium in our reach doesn’t mean you can jump the gun. First step needs to be completed first and then only can the or rather should the second step begin. One major drawback of not spending quality time on Branding would be – reduction in the efficiency of Marketing Activities.

Assuming that a good Brand Identity has been developed for your company, here are

3 simple steps to building your Brand’s Identity Online

First step of Brand Communication Online would be to build an image of the brand in the eyes of your customer the way you want them to see your Brand. Every person conceives a communication in different manner. The simple and easier your communication is, more are the chances that customers view your brand, the way you want them to.

How do I start? If this is the same question that is revolving in your mind, the best approach would be to begin by creating a document that lists all the details about the brand. Set a budget that you are ready to spend for the brand building process, you can even consult a Branding/Communications Agency to help you begin. At times details coming from a trained professional can give your brand an approach that you might have previously missed out on.

But when you are with a limited budget, these tips can come in handy during your brand building journey –

Brand Identity – We have said it earlier, we say it again. A logo represents your company. There is no hard and fast rule to build one. While few companies have fruit in their logo, some have just letters. Both work, for few it works very well, for few it doesn’t. Good research of the industry will give you an understanding of the style of identity that will be accepted by the consumer.

Once the Identity is built, application of identity scheme on all online assets will be a crucial stage of your first step. Application on website, mobile app, social media platforms has to all be in sync with the identity of your brand. Continued use of your brand style will then let the consumer relate to your brand easily.

Brand Identity Manual – It is a document that will be useful for you as well as all the other people dealing with your brand communication. Example – You have decided to use a font style named ‘Abc’ in all your communication. To ensure that another person dealing with brand also uses the same font, this document will be helpful. Usage of colors are also to be described in the brand.

Topics like usage of logo, fonts, colors etc is covered in this document for the reference of designers and marketers.

Brand Guide – While the Identity Manual helps the aesthetics and design part of the communication, Brand Guide would assist in being in line with the tone of communication. This document answers questions about your brand. You might continue to tweak this document as and when new lessons are learnt or through consumer feedback.

Questions like, Describe your brand in few sentences, what does your brand stand for, what are the attributes of the brand, what makes your brand stand out from the rest etc are answered in the document. Tomorrow if two of your employees speak to two different consumers, the words they speak might be different, but the meaning each implies has to be the same.

Once you have completed all the 3 steps, your brand will be all set to start its communication on all online platforms. What the communication has to be? We are definitely sure you would have more idea about that once the 3 key steps are completed. Hope this helps and elevates your brand communication from here on.

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