Brochure Design and Marketing : 5 Tips on How to Do it Effectively

Why read this?


Marketing is about going that extra mile and reaching out to customer. Internet marketing is definitely an on-going and upcoming trend but however, this form is more effective when used with other tools such as brochures, flyers and other print material. Also, in a country like India where the credibility of online companies are still doubted, brochures and other printed sales literature helps the company to engage and interact with the customer.

Here are 5 tips on writing and designing a brochure that will support your other marketing efforts.

1. Encourage your reader to look inside:

The first thing your reader would notice about your brochure is the first page. Therefore, it is essential to make sure your design captivates and invites the reader and forces him to pick up your brochure.

2. Understand the reader:

The content in a brochure must be written from the reader’s perspective. Initially analyse what the reader would want to know first-hand and answer these questions in a logical sequence following the reader’s train of thought. Also, readers might have varying attention spans therefore, it is essential to throw in the most important information first which allows the reader to understand the company and the offerings in the best possible manner.

3. An Index or Contents page:

A brochure with 8 pages or more would need an Index or a List of Contents page which would help the reader look for information in a more organised and specific manner.

4. Make it a keeper:

Have useful information in your brochure regarding the product which would help the reader understand more about the product and its functionality. Putting such information in to the brochure would encourage him to keep the brochure for future references and also pass it on to other people.

5. Talk about your reader’s needs:

The design and content of the brochure should help the reader understand how the product would answer his needs. Besides just talking about the product, your brochure should talk more about how it can improve the reader’s experience.