Branding your personal self – Standing out in the crowd

Why read this?

Having spoken a lot of about Corporate Branding, today we give tips on improving your Personal Branding. How good is that? Read to know


Branding your personal self is very critical in the corporate world and equally important for entrepreneurs. That is why, today we get away from the topic of importance of ‘Rightly Branding your company or Corporate Brand Identity (our area of specialization)’ and discuss about Personal Branding.

In the over-crowded market, every minute, tons of digital content gets uploaded (approximately 70+ hours of videos, 300+ blogs, 100+ websites). Among all of this, how does your personal brand stand out? For a company it’s their Brand Identity Design, its Brand Application that does the job of standing out among the competitors. The visual elements help set the platform for their consumers to choose them over others.

Similarly, your personal brand also needs to give that reason, that positive vibe, the trust factor for others to choose/notice you and not the rest.

Experience Matters! A small conversation with any being and that experience of a small talk will determine if you will be remembered and wanted further or not.

Here are few mistakes that people tend to commit and thus hurt their Personal Branding. Some tips on how to avoid them as well –

You already know and understand your Personal Brand

Most of us think, we know ourselves better, but do we? Our Personal Brand is not what we say about ourselves, it’s what others say about you.

To know what really people think about you – write down few words that you think describe you the best and then talk to people you trust, ask them to describe you in 3 words. You shall have the answer.

No Clarity in you, yes You

We often assume that the other person understood us. You think you conveyed your message clearly, but did you put in an effort to know if the message was understood? More often than not, only a percent would be understood by the receiver.

Have a interactive way of communication. When communication happens from both ways, the message is clearly understood and also the experience we spoke about, also gets better.

Be You. Not Them.

It is not going to be easy creating your personal brand. Communicating alone won’t help. All your actions, behavior, dressing sense, tone of voice etc need to be in sync.

Being solely you and improving for better is the key. Trying to be like someone else is only going to go against you. People need to get you, understand you better, sync in with you. If you can successfully manage to get this done, then you shall see the true power of Personal Branding.

While your Personal Branding depends completely on you, your Company Branding is where we can help and assist you as your Brand Engineers. Adams Creation is an award winning Branding agency based in India. To get in touch, click here.