Brand Identity is only a Marketing Component for you? It’s never too late to get it right

Why read this?

Here's why a company should consider its brand identity an asset that can yield results rather than a marketing component


The understanding of many marketing gurus/experts/analysts of their company’s brand identity to an extent is wrong. Rather than considering it as a valuable asset of the organisation, it is nothing more than a small portion of their marketing strategy of the brand. Marketing Communication has many portions to it, but one thing that all of us need to get it right is that, brand identity isn’t one of them. Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Print Adverts, Television Commercials, Radio Spots, Out of Home Advertising are few portions that make up for your Marketing Plan. However, Brand Identity shouldn’t be clubbed along with it.

A brand identity takes time to establish, but once it is established, it will act as a strong pillar of support for all your company’s marketing activities for years. Today, Coca Cola is one of those brands that is easily recognisable globally. Here’s a small extract from an entrepreneur talk about how strategically planned is the branding of Coca Cola –

“That’s because Coca-Cola has one of the clearest all-encompassing brand standards out there. Everything from the company’s packaging, its social-media profiles to its television commercials draws on the same colors, fonts, motifs and experiences. None of that is by accident. A big part of Coca-Cola’s success comes from its ability to transmit feelings and expectations through its branded elements.”

The bright red color, the curves in the typography of the brand logo, the shape of their bottle are only a few factors that easily remind us of the brand Coca Cola even without seeing the complete name or logo. This didn’t happen over a day. But as the brand grew, so did their marketing reach.

The reason why we are laying emphasis on Brand Identity is for the fact that many companies have underestimated its importance and that has led to failure of many of their marketing plans. One can’t market the brand before establishing it in the market. A brand needs to establish itself in the eye of the viewer by giving them a reason to notice and inherit it, doesn’t matter if the viewer is from the TG of the brand or not. The viewer might be your employee, customer or any being.

Begin by understanding your brand first. What your brands stands for, the factors that differentiate your brand from the competitor and moreover the attributes that the brand wishes to achieve. If you can catch a viewer’s attention, they in turn become your marketing tool by talking about the brand to others. Ultimately, your brand is for the people, if they can comprehend it, nothing can beat it. Once you have successfully attained a position where your brand can stand strong as an identity, then comes the turn to go ahead with the marketing activities.

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