Brand, Brand Identity, Branding… were never the same and never will

Why read this?

People are often confused between Brand, Brand Identity & Branding, hence we bring to you the difference & importance each one holds.


What does a Brand really mean in today’s world? A brand is the face of the product or service being offered. It’s a promise, promise of quality and relationship among the company and the consumers. A brand is the one that:
i) Your Consumer relates to, for their needs and desires.
ii) Makes an emotional connect
iii) Most importantly, differentiates from competition

Numerous brands exist today, but what makes one out of them stand out is, its image that can get instant attention. A brand is no less than an image of a person.

Image Vs Identity

Both the terms in simple language may mean the same, but most often the two terms are misused and misunderstood yet they go hand in hand. As consumers, we consider brands to be as companies. Example: Nike, Apple or McDonalds.

All the 3 brands mentioned, evoke a visual identity be it the Nike ‘swoosh’, bitten apple for Apple or the ‘M’ of McDonalds. Incomplete knowledge is worse than no knowledge.

Image is nothing…without a strong identity.

The Brand Model

An easier way to understand the brand vocabulary conundrum is by beginning with brand creation and then brand building. Brand strategy is beginning of the roadmap for creating brand identity.

After having the identity established, it’s time for brand building, managing, marketing and promoting the brand. In the end, if the revenue increases, you are on the route.

Brand Identity

While brand is a person, brand identity is like a person’s identity. The identity has personality traits and matures with age. In other words, identity comprises of the brand name, tagline, logo and other parts.

Brand Building

After the process of brand creation completes, it’s time for Brand Building or the marketing related activities. This helps in building the brand image and gain attention through activities like advertising, events, promotions, social media etc.

They help in building a presence in consumers mind slowly.

Brand Identity is what is portrayed to the consumer and the content is in full control of the owner, but how the consumer perceives the communication is subjective and varies. Hence keeping the communication crystal clear and simple is necessary.

Brand Image

Taking our point of perception forward, brand image is the collection of uncontrollable perceptions of the brand that help in identifying strengths and weaknesses. They are built over time and every small aspect is looked into it.

Good News here is, perceptions of people change quickly and that means there is an opportunity to take the negative perception towards positive side.

Brand Relativity

The creation, re-positioning or revitalization of any brand begins with the crafting of value proposition – this includes the brand ambition, message, brand promise and target audience.

Understanding the need and providing the desired customer experience completes the process of brand relativity and building a relationship.


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