Benefits of Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Why read this?

Responsive Web Design is need of the hour, don't believe so? This post would make you to.


RWD – A term that you would have heard again and again if you own a website or are shortly planning to design one. But what is that RWD offers, that has made it the buzz word of the year in the digital industry. The answer is here, and is simplified so well that you wouldn’t have to refer anything further to know more about it. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a new approach to designing websites that facilitates competent and automatic resizing of the website based on the user’s browser device and resolution.

Responsive web design has come as a boon for user’s that use various devices such mobile, tablet, laptop or a PC to view a website.

How it helps:

RWD is a web design technique that reacts to a user’s screen size giving that person a fine experience while browsing through a device of their choice.

Why RWD:

Customer satisfaction is one of the key points that every business organisation would want to focus on, and we being in the age where most of the work happens digitally, makes it all the more important to have an RWD site. The easier it is for the customer to surf through the website, the higher are the chances that the customer is retained. With customer being retained, one can guarantee good amount revenue.

RWD as a salesperson:

RWD is as good as an effective salesperson in a shop for any business. If your salesperson is grumpy, inattentive and careless then there are very high chances that the customer wouldn’t come to you however good the service or good you have on offer. On the other hand if you have a person who greets you with smile, explains the process in detail and is attentive then let the product be of lower quality, the customer would still prefer this shop. Same is the case with Responsive web design; it welcomes the customer in the right manner. It understands the customer’s device & browser and styles itself in the appropriate manner.

There cannot be a two way communication in the digital technology, therefore it is important to make the one way communication as efficient as possible. RWD does require some time invested in it but the results achieved are worth the time and money.

Mobiles v/s PC:

Example of RWD Website

Off late there has been a huge change in trend of mobile usage. The smart phones are dominating the industry and some of them are as good as a mini laptop. With such advancement taking place in the industry, businesses will also have to raise themselves up with the pace. Today the websites are being visited through smart phones a lot more that it used to be a couple of years before. At that time one could afford to not have a RWD site but making such a mistake today can be a gain for another.

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