7 Important tips to consider before getting your website designed

Why read this?


How long does a visitor take to understand what your company does after landing on your website? Less than 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 12 seconds or even more?

If it takes anything more than 5 seconds, then you might as well consider redesigning your website and the ones planning to design their website for the first time, make sure your visitor doesn’t take anything more than 5 seconds to understand what your company is really about.

The sole purpose of your website must be to easily communicate what you do and why you do it.

Here are 7 essential tips you must consider before getting your website designed –

1. Start with a plan: Before starting to design you website, first you must completely map all the different pages you want in your website, the content that would follow in each of these website and most important of all the order in which they must be placed.Deciding all these while designing will only get confusing for you as well as the designer.

2. All that jazz is not so good: Having complicated animations in your site will only slow down the loading speed of your website. Trust me no one likes to wait. A second longer your site takes to load, the person might prefer taking a look at your competitors site and you wouldn’t want that.
There are sites that depend on high end animations, but the company has only decided to bring in such animations because they felt it was necessary. All that jazz can be good if your business demands so otherwise it’s best to avoid it.
Have a good design in your site. Use simple animations wherever the content asks for. Having a fast loading website design is the best thing you can do to attract your visitor.

3. Provide Clear Navigation: Your site has loaded quickly and within seconds the visitor has understood what your company is all about, but what next? Make right use of the menu; provide links at prominent places so that the user knows exactly where to go next.
Also provide social share and follow buttons. Make sure your visitor can easily view these buttons and follow you on social media sites.

4. Use white space wisely: Don’t be afraid if your site has white space. Whitespace is an essential website design element. If it is kept at the right place it will work wonders. White space used correctly will actually give your site a polished look.

5. Browser Compatibility and Mobile Optimization: Be it Internet explorer or Firefox for that matter, your site must be compatible on every browser. You cannot determine which browser your visitor might be using. At times complicated HTML designs can cause problems but with patience you can solve them.
In today’s world a greater percentage of audience is accessing sites through mobile phones. Hence having RWD (Responsive Web Design) site becomes all the more important. One must understand the concept of RWD site and tailor your site according to the needs of your visitors.

6. Right use of fonts and images: How often have you seen site with childish fonts and very bright colors? You wouldn’t want your site to be like that would you? Use professional fonts have a good color balance in your website that doesn’t hurt the viewer. If the site is of a kids wear company then we probably have to go for such fonts and colors.
When it comes to images, use actual images than stock images and use it wherever necessary. You can’t have an image to describe every context of yours.

7. Be Found: It’s all about being found by your perspective customers. Develop a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy and take into consideration all the key words that your company deals with and that would help your audience reach you faster. The key words you choose must all be intelligently repeated in your content to make your chances higher of being found. Blogs are one of those important forms of content that would increase the chances of your site being found.

These 7 points must be kept thoroughly in mind while designing a website. There are professional website designers who would design the website for you, but you must be first clear of what the real objectives of your website really are.

Website designing must be done carefully, one small mistake and the whole web page can messed up. Getting works  done such as these from professional website designers can be very useful and the work completed would look more professional.