6 Helpful tips to maintain a successful Brand Identity

Why read this?

A good Logo Design doesn’t guarantee a successful Brand Identity. So what does? Here is a quick guide maintain your brand identity.


Every business existing in the market today, be it big or small, corporate or entrepreneurs, each one of us need a strong brand identity that stands for the Brand Image we wish to portray. This can’t be done through logo-design alone and there are many more factors that are involved in it. In this post let us discuss few of the important steps than you can take to maintain a successful brand/corporate identity. Firstly,

Begin with a Brand Plan

Before we talk about maintaining a Brand, let’s quickly run through the process of building the right brand identity. If you get it right here, you are already halfway there.

Your Brand Identity or Corporate Brand Identity Design visualization process begins from your brand plan. You list down all your business goals, approach, style, ethics in here, if thoroughly researched – your business or company plan will lead you to new heights.
Three key essentials of your brand plan will be to :

– Decide on the Business Purpose (core Idea)
– Realise the Business Potential and
– Live by the Brand Promise

When you are clear with all of the above, you are ready to take a step further i.e. develop a brand identity design – it includes factors like brand name, logo design and other brand applications.

Now we assume that you have developed a brand identity that is in sync with your brand plan, therefore here are 6 helpful tips that will come in handy to maintain your brand identity / corporate identity:

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1. Clarity on where you want to be

Your goals are set, the question is how close have you reached. Get your team together and ask these questions:
– What are our goals and are we anywhere close?
– If there’s a lot you need to still achieve, what should be the next step to get closer?

First tip is regularly analyse the situation you are in and alter the next step of action accordingly.

2. It’s your baby, but you got to be critical

No need to go easy on your business. Review it critically. Identify where the gaps are, how you can fill in them. In the previous point we ask you revise your strategy. Whereas, what matters here is to speed up the process. You can’t keep moving ahead with snails pace all the time. There has to be a moment when you are willing to step up to speed up.
To do that, you need to fill in all the gaps that hold you on from moving ahead.

3. If not you, then who?

This point is valid to all of them who have competitors out there. Figure out what takes your customer to a competitor and not bring them to you. Every business has one key point to highly talk about. Know what’s yours and what’s theirs. Is your competitors key point valued higher than yours then there’s your answer.
Your message has to cut through your competition. Talk proudly about the added value which a customer gets only from you. When you successfully do that, your brand communication is in the right direction.

4. It’s not just about the product/service

Your Product/Service is one key thing that a customer would look out for. But your brand communication shouldn’t be limited to just that. Bring your brand story to life and let your customer connect with that story.
When you manage to bring in that personal connect of your brand with your product / service is when you really get the customers attention. Involving the customer in your brand story is an alternative approach.

5. Your partner in professional life

Treat your brand identity like a living partner. In the digital age, advent of social media cannot be ignored. Your communication on social media should be similar to what an individual has. Let it be personal, make it involving, make your identity look like a real person that your customer can be a friend with.
Managing brand identity on Social Media is easier said than done. You need to constantly keep monitoring, reviewing and evolving according to the feedback and response you receive.

6. You are not for everyone out there

Your brand caters to one set of audience. Identify them and cater to what keeps them interested. Trying to get the attention of everyone would make your communication directionless and even lose out on what you have already achieved.
Let your communication be target audience centric. They are ones who would get business to you. If you are looking for an alternative set of people to target your communication towards, then it got to be the ones that influence the buying decision of your TG. For example: kids influence their parents, employees influence their company decision on what service needs to opted for etc.

Some companies have dedicated teams that completely take care of their brand communication. Many companies tend to outsource this service through an agency. If you too are looking for an agency take undertakes your brand communication on various mediums then do get in touch with us.

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