5 Possible mistakes in your Website

Why read this?

This article will help you avoid making those mistakes that many people have been making for a long time while creative their website.

  1. # 5 Low Search Engine Visibility – Solution: Right Page Titles

Is your website easily found in search results? If no, then this is the first possible mistake in your website. Firstly you must believe the fact that everyone cannot be on top to get on top it takes a lot of work.

The work begins from choosing an apt page title that would attract attention of the viewer and say a lot about the website and its purpose. The title should actually say what the page is about, like if it’s the about page, the title can be “About <Website name>”, so even if the user is viewing another website or another page of the same website in a different tab, he can still find the About tab of that website quite easily. Also after the page name, one may add a short-keyword rich-description of the page to help the particular page get listed on top of the search results.  It is advisable to have a title that is less than 70 characters. So work closely on the right page title and you would have completed the first step to getting on top.


  1. #4 Using popup windows unnecessarily – Solution: Don’t spill your site

When every click on your website leads to a new browser window, then there is definitely a problem with the site. Often designers lead every image to a new window, with the theory that the time spent on the site would increase, but this step disables the back button, which is often most common way to return to the previous pages. At times the users wouldn’t even notice that the new window has opened and end up ignoring the site- thinking that the pages do not work.

Pop up ads are the ones that open in a new window and careless visitor might interpret for an ad and close it without even looking into it. Browsers basically come with popup window blocked by default which avoids annoying ads popping up while visiting  a website. Instead of showing such extra browser windows, one can use in-page pop ups which appear as an overlay over the website content that can be closed with a single click.

  1. #3 PDF files online – Solution: Avoid them

Coming across PDF files for information on a website would break the flow of the visitor. One reason being that standard browser commands don’t work on PDFs. Layout of a PDF is customised to sheet of paper (most commonly A4), and your visitors browser window isn’t an A4 paper. This would lead troublesome scrolling and small fonts. Use PDFs for the reason it’s made and not combine it with website design.

Simple Texts – Solution: Make it interactive

This is a problem similar to viewing a pdf online. User wouldn’t want to read a deadly, simple text. For that we have books and they look good there. For online, to keep the user interested use tricks like – subheads, highlighted words, shorter paragraphs in inverted pyramid style and bulleted points. (But sometimes it’s  better to use PDFs which can easily be printed or saved if required. We might see it in websites where product specifications are kept in a PDF file.  Best solution is to open it in a new tab or just keep two options, one to view online and other one to Download it directly.)


  1. #2 Inconsistency in Design – Solution: Bring in Consistency

Consistency is the key to a better user experience. Example: You live in a house and are used to determine where the light switches are. But if you visit a new house every day, then you will have to figure out where the switches are daily.

Similarly, if your web designs change then the user experience would be hurt. Instead, when the user visits you, he/she would exactly know where the information that he/she wants is. Making the user feel comfortable is what the designer wants and this is one way to do it.

  1. #1 It’s a website and not an Ad – Solution: Design a website

Users mind is nowadays trained to determine the style of content and the design of external ads on a website. The selective attention of the user would ignore legitimate designs as they would mark resemblance to an advertisement. The simple solution would be to not over try and just design web pages that are unique and not follow the format of ads.  

Any of the above mistakes relate to you and not sure how to correct it? Well you can contact us for web related services from design to development. For any other queries get in touch with Adams Creation at hello@adamscreation.com