5 important things you should know about Brand and Corporate Identity

Why read this?

Brand & Corporate identity are essential for any company.In this post we bring to you a list of things you should know about your Brand


Before we move any further with the above topic, let us clear out some common doubts you might have –

We often say branding is very essential, but what really is a Brand?

Brand is a bridge that connects your business with your customers’ mind. A bridge that must stay strong at all times.

What does a brand do?

a. It differentiates your product or service from the competitor’s products in the minds of consumers.

b. Helps in making a impact on the decision making process of the consumers.

Example: You are out on shopping and have thousands of choices, but what you ultimately choose the brand that you connect with. That’s what a brand does.

1. What is a brand and corporate identity?

Companies brainstorm excessively about their brand and corporate identity as the finalized identity would stay with them for years. More than the time, it would be the face of the company, an image, they would be associated with, therefore taking ample amount of time before making the final decision is the right way to do it. But confusing yourself with too many thoughts regarding the style and ethics of the Brand is a wrong direction to proceed in.

Brand primarily consists of –
The Name
The Logo and
The Image

at time some Brands also have an supporting tagline.

However, that is just the first step. Step 2 of brand identity involves verbal and narrative aspect of the brand. This step talks about the brand story. An ideal brand story is the one that conveys, integrates and connects the consumer with the Brand.

2. How do you know ‘this’ is the best brand identity for you?

Branding, Design and Digital agency such as Adams Creation undertakes this process if a business or company doesn’t have adequate resources, on the other hand it’s best to leave a professional’s job to a professional.

Brand Identity portrays what your business plan is. The way you’d want to enter the market, the message you want to convey, the USP you want to talk about and a lot more. You know what your company’s goals are, and brand identity will be one of the ways to pump up the company, to reach its goal.

One must thoughtfully think about – Where and how the brand will be positioned, this would provide a strong direction to proceed towards the brand identity stage. Based on conclusions you would be sure of what will connect your business with the desired consumers and proceed further accordingly.

3. Why is it worth investing in Brand Identity?

Brand is an invaluable asset that is definitely worth investing on and here are some ways to feel and measure your brand identity. Here are ways you can determine your brand worth –

What is people’s response to your brand? Is it Powerful and Intuitive? If yes, then you are doing great.

How people feel when they come across the brand will determine the brand image. Whether is it eye catchy, would they like to connect to it, will they suggest it to their friends? If yes, then what more do you need.

Brands convey an emotion through its shape, color, name and this term ‘emotion’ has a huge impact on the consumers’ desires and decisions.

4. Brand Identity helps the business in other ways too

It justifies premium price your business demands. Think about some luxury brands.

Builds brand loyalty, next time the consumer returns, there should be no need for him/her to even think of any other competitor, apart from your brand. This point is very crucial. A good brand blind folds the customer and the only image they see is of your Identity. If someone asks is this bad. No, it isn’t. It is the trust customers put upon a brand to blindly believe it. Misusing the belief is wrong.

5. How does a brand help your business internally?

A strong and clear brand identity offers internal advantages too. This fact is often overlooked by many of our clients. After all it is a brand ‘by the people’ and the term ‘by’ refers to your team.

The brand image acts an inspiration, keeps reminding them that they are representing the company and the brand image is their own image. If they can connect to it and relate to it, that’s when they can sell it in the market.

These were a list of things about Brand and Corporate identity which would help you work further towards achieving the right image that you can further talk about.

And if you are still confused about how to proceed further in coming up with a complete brand or re-brand your existing business then do write to us for professional branding, digital, design and advertising services. Adams Creation offers you services such as Logo Design, Web Design etc at competitive prices in the market. You can also take a look at our earlier work from our website.