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300 outlets in just 3 years : Rise of a juice bar from the city of Bangalore

Why read this?

Here's a success story of one of our clients who now have 50 outlets of their juice bar, in a span of 24 months. Read on to know how.


For the ones living in Bangalore, there would hardly be anyone who hasn’t come across Lassi Shop. It is a juice bar that serves a variety of quality juices, smoothies, mocktails and Lassi.

Not so long ago, the founder of Lassi Shop approached us (AdamsCreation) to build their Brand Identity. They had the name ‘Lassi Shop’, and the rest was left to us. We have always found the F&B Industry exciting to work with, as the communication happens directly with the masses. Here’s how it went –

Branding a Juice Bar

Our client was entering an overcrowded market. Our team got together and thought about what new trend that we can create. What would attract the viewers’ attention and drag them in to grab a quick drink to cool themselves? We were looking at the big picture. Though the juice bar was just starting off, it was our responsibility to build a brand that could grow up to the scale of a juice bar at a national level. Little did we know, that the brand we are going to build would rise at a pace where they’d have over 250 outlets in just 3 years.

The identity we developed was an eye-catcher. It is trendy enough for people of all age groups to relate and walk into the outlet. Moreover, the flowy letters related to the nature of the business.

Brand Identity Design of Lassi Shop


The design of Lassi Shop’s brand identity was inspired from a small playful activity – dipping your finger into a bowl of paint and writing the name Lassi Shop.

First Outlet – Koramangala

Menu Design

We aimed at making the Wall Menu Design of Lassi Shop simple but vibrant. A set of drool-worthy colors were chosen for the background and the details were added in a simple manner. We must say, this really had an impact on people walking into the stores. This menu design also got the people just walking past the outlet curious. Location of the outlet was also wisely chosen by the client to get maximum visibility.

Menu Design at one of the Lassi Shop outlets


Menu Design at Lassi Shop

With the designing done, Lassi Shop took off with one outlet. Customers appreciated the items being served. Quality was also given utmost care and all raw materials used were fresh and delectable. The second outlet of Lassi Shop was launched at Frazer Town and from then on, the journey to scale began. Soon, Lassi Shop started giving out franchises and as people liked the concept and taste, franchisee requests grew. As a result, in a span of over two years Lassi Shop had 50 outlets in Bangalore.

The interiors of the juice bar were also thoughtfully planned. Using white background for the signage to make the logo stand out, minimal interiors to give enough prominence to the menu, were few of the steps that put forth the identity of a juice bar for all and not just a set of the audience.

If you want to be original, get ready to be copied

This project of ours is a perfect example of this quote. As Lassi shop began to expand, we could slowly see the rise of stores that have taken inspiration from Lassi Shop. These stores had similar names and the logo was an application of the one we designed for Lassi Shop.

Take a look at few of the outlets that took inspiration from Lassi Shop in Bangalore


Lassi Stop in Bangalore has an Brand Identity similar to the one we designed for Lassi Shop. Notice the difference? Letter ‘H’ changed to ‘T’


The success of Lassi Shop led to the rise of names inspired from the word ‘Lassi’

So did this story of a brand ring a bell with you? Would you like to build such a brand? Interested in getting your Brand Identity designed from an award-winning Branding Agency? We get you. Click here to get in touch and know more about how we could build a memorable brand for you.