16 Brand Wars of the Century! – Part 1

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Marketing is the need of the hour & Advertising is at its peak. Today,we take a look at some of the most famous brand war ads.


Recently The Hindu proved yet again why they have the upper hand over Times of India when it comes to gaining brownie points over their competition. In today’s post we will take a look at some of the greatest brand wars that have rocked the advertising industry.

16. Flipkart vs Snapdeal

Flipkart advertised heavily for their Big Billion Day sale. As it was first time ever that an e-commerce site was introducing a day full of big offers, lots of people were excited to shop on that day. But on the D-day, Snapdeal, who didn’t bother much about the competitor’s sale, intelligently made a mark when it mattered.

They were sure that Flipkart would advertise on the day of the sale and Snapdeal decided to advertise on the second page.

While Flipkart spoke about its Big Billion Day and spoke about big offers only for one day, Snapdeal on the next page said – It is like any other day and claimed to give offers every day.

Not sure how much of sales of Flipkart was impacted from this, but Snapdeal definitely trolled Flipkart there.

15. Dettol vs Vim

The launch of Dettol Kitchen is followed up with a television commercial, where the product is compared directly to Vim. Vim tried taking on Dettol the legal way, but there was not much gain out of it.

Dettol ad

Vim decided to intelligently hit back on Dettol by publishing front page ads on major newspaper dailies. The print ads hit back on the Dettol Antiseptic liquid, the main product of Dettol. The advertisement claimed that Lifebuoy works better than Dettol. The ad also said that ‘It has been issued in public interest’.

14. Hyundai vs Maruti Suzuki

Alto 800 was launched by Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motor saw this as an opportunity to take on Maruti. Hyundai launched a marketing campaign ‘Trendsetter vs Follower’ claiming that Hyundai’s EON is a much superior car than Alto 800.


13. Horlicks vs Complan

Horlicks advertised itself as a better and cost effective option than Complan.

Complan’s ad(in Tamil)
Horlicks ad

12. Micromax vs Samsung

Samsung was doing well with its Galaxy Y ads, until Micromax decided to take a dig at Samsung with its campaign. The ads were styled in a manner that they appeared to be a sequel to Samsung ads.

TVC by Samsung ended with a question by spunky kids to their elder counterparts saying ‘Aapke paas nahi hai, Uncle?’

Samsung’s first ad
and the second ad

The response ad from Micromax started with last few words that were used in the Samsung ad. The set-up is similar and at the first glance one might mistake it for a sequel.

Micromax’s first ad
and the second ad

11. Rin vs Tide

The battle between Rin and Tide was one of first few examples of example of unethical advertising. In an ad by Rin, Tide was prominently displayed with a voiceover ‘Tide se kahin behtar safedi de Rin’.

Rin ad

10. Head & Shoulders vs All Clear

The brand war between HUL and P & G continued even later as one of the All Clear ads showed that a girl having dandruff mentions the shampoo she use, a muted reference is made towards Head & Shoulders.

All Clear ad

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Feel we have missed out any other brand wars? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section and we would be glad to add them in Part 3 of this series.

Note: None of the above showcased work is owned by Adams Creation. It is a collection to list down few of the brand wars in Advertising history and no harm is intended to any of the brands. Many of the artworks displayed here are fan made and are not to be confused with original ones.