10 ways to advertise your company with a low budget

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Advertising through mediums like TV, Radio or Print can overshoot your budget, know the mediums that help you advertise under budget.


Advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach out to the target audience. But mediums like Television, Radio, Print or Bill Boards might not be feasible for every company. All companies wouldn’t have huge marketing budgets to spend on advertising. Hence here we bring to you some of the most economical or low budget ways to advertise your company. For SMEs (Small and Medium sized enterprises), marketing is probably the greatest hurdle they need to overcome.

How to begin the Marketing process and advertise your company?

Firstly one needs to start off by preparing realistic objectives based on finances available after which the right steps to the advertising process can be decided. Here are few things a SME must keep in mind before deciding on the objectives to be achieved:

  • Choose a limited number of activities, having more would only take your budget higher.
  • Discuss the list of activities with your team to not deviate from the common goal that you are looking to achieve.
  • While deciding on the mediums, keep your audience in mind. Using mediums that are most connected to the audience would be a realistic approach.

If you are having trouble in deciding on the economic ways to advertise that would also make a huge impact on the audience then here we are listing down 10 such ways that you utilize

Local Press/Newspaper:

Through a press release or a catchy classified advertisement you can reach out to the good number of local people. But there would be many others as well doing the same. To stand out among all, it will involve a lot of planning and some brilliant copy and design.

Get into Business Directories in this Digital Age:

In an era where people prefer searching the web that the huge directories, there are a number of people who still follow the conventional ways and if your business caters to such audience then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out the directories. These days directories are also getting to the web, so through them you can increase your reach on both platforms.

Utilize the free space:

A catchy poster placed at a local supermarket or community center notice boards would be seen by a number of people, the reach could also go beyond your expectation. Most important of all this medium is usually free or involves a minimal cost.

Business Cards:

You have very little to say in a medium like business cards, but if you do it wisely, it can work wonders. Attractive business cards with a small punch line on your business which is also the reason to choose you over others can make an impact as a creative card would be with a person longer than compared to average card.


Distributing flyers at crowded places or in newspapers with a design that caches the attention of the audience before throwing it away can bring good amount of business. Reach out to the businesses that are related to your field. Eg: A printing press reaching out to an advertising agency.


Visual Merchandising:

Merchandising can be done based on the budget available. Giving out things that would be made use of by people can be beneficial as it would reach out to numerous people.

Sponsoring programs:

Sponsoring fests in colleges can be good way to market and if your target audience is the youth then this is one of the ways to go for. Putting up stalls and distributing flyers at such programs can provide the much needed mileage.

Public transport:

Using trains, buses, taxis for advertising posters can be economical deal. Thousands and lakhs of people travel everyday and reaching out to even a small percentage of the audience can be beneficial for the company.

Vehicle Branding:

If your business involves moving around of vehicles from place to place then branding them would be great idea, it would not only add to look of the vehicle, it would also act a marketing tool roaming around in the city.

Endorsing tickets and areas related to it:

Everybody uses parking space, be it in shopping malls or anywhere else, endorsing those tickets and also intelligently branding the parking area can help reach out to good section of your target audience.

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