10 Reason why Responsive Web Design is important

Why read this?

Responsive Web Design is the need of the hour with variety of devices available today. Find out why your website needs a RWD


Today there are number of ways to market your business and equally number of devices a consumer can visit your website from, in both cases we never know which the consumer would choose. Since we can’t control the device the user would use to view your website, we can definitely control the way the website would appear on any device they use and that can be done through ‘Responsive Web Design’.

Responsive Web Design ensures the resizing, rescaling and reflowing of content and images according to the device being used to view the website. It is as simple as providing customised experience to every user.

Now that you know the basic use of a responsive website, here are 10 reasons to make you believe that RWD is a technique made for you –

i) Decreased Costs, Increased Benefits

There are many companies that operate two different websites, one being the desktop version and other mobile site. This means there is a cost for two sites involved and maintenance of both costs too. Nowadays, sale of tablets is peaking too and none of the above sites would be viewed properly on the same. On the other hand RWD is just one site and fits all devices.

ii) An advantage above others

If your competitors are still stuck with a desktop site and negligent towards RWD, it’s your chance to jump the line and Standout with a website that is customised for your visitor. When user would get irritated with a desktop site on a mobile, he would look for an better alternative and there is your chance get new business.webdesign responsive 1

iii) More Business and a lot more Business

The easy way to get more business is track what the user does on your website. This can be done through analytics. Analytics study helps in setting the marketing strategy right. With RWD you can make the links that are important for the user forward and keep the less needed ones away. This way you can get your user to act faster and the leads can turn into sales. As a result you get more business.

iv) Customer is God

In business Customer is God, and RWD is one of those ways to keep your God happy. Getting serious, responsive website would have fewer disruptions, lesser miss clicks, in turn making the customer happy.

v) Google is on your side

If your website is Responsive, Google would give more preference to your website, over those that aren’t. It is easier for Google to find your website, be it whatever device the user is using. The same won’t be the case with companies having two different sites.

With Google being the most popular search engine throughout the world, there will hardly be anyone who wouldn’t want Google on their side.

vi) Get social, get stronger

Social Media is considered to be one of the strongest marketing pillars in today’s time. If your website has enticing content that people would like to share with their friends, they would definitely search for the Social media share icon and with responsive design; those icons can be easily accessible to the user. The user would indirectly promote your website, marketing at no cost at all.

vii) Lower your bounce rate

Two main reasons for user to quickly exit a website are relevance and ease of use. If a user has visited your website by mistake, there is no way we can hold them to the site until and unless the design excites them. The next factor is ease of use, responsive websites are the easiest to access as they can easily and quickly find information they would be looking for. Hence the users would start spending more time on the website and this will help in reducing the bounce rate.

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viii) The world is getting smarter

Sales of products through smart phones are getting higher day by day. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you are bound to lose on some business. Responsive design makes the customer feel cared, when they use a smaller device to view a website.

ix) Consistency is the key

Responsive design of your website changes from device to device. Another advantage we get through RWD is that, if a user visits the website a mobile and then through desktop, he wouldn’t notice much change in the design, rather it would be adaptation. This would help in keeping the brand presence strong and consistent.

x) Still need a 10th reason?

Well, we feel the above 9 reasons are strong enough to convince you to opt for responsive web design and take your business to the next level. In the 10th point we would rather tell you how you can get a responsive design done for your website.

Method 1: All you need to do is write to us and we will get back to you telling how your website can be made better. Having designed over 50 responsive websites, you can definitely trust us on that.

Method 2: If you are looking for any design related services, be it Branding, Logo Design, Website Design etc, all you need to do is contact AdamsCreation and our list of solutions will end your search right at us.